Friday, April 1, 2016

Everybunny Loves Dresses!

My family takes opportunities to eat a giant meal together very seriously, which means that Easter generally involves a truly staggering amount of food and quality time. This year was no exception: my mom made a twenty pound turkey, my aunt made a ham, and we all spent the day at my grandmother’s house.

I started the day in a new dress that I got during Pinup Girl Clothing’s most recent Online Yard Sale. This dress caught my eye last year, but I wasn’t entirely sure I’d get much wear out of it, so I hemmed and hawed until I saw that it was on sale, at which point I snapped it up. Turns out that this was the right decision – the dress fits like a dream and is so easy to wear! I was a little concerned that the cuffs would be tight on my arms, but they fit quite comfortably.

Once my sister was awake and getting ready for Easter dinner, though, it was time for a wardrobe change. I had bought us matching Retrolicious dresses from Modcloth in the fall, and this seemed like an excellent time to debut them, as well as a great opportunity to show all of you how different the exact same dress looks on people of radically-differing heights. Ronnie even borrowed one of my mom's new hair flowers, so that we'd look extra try-hard coordinated.
If she was standing up straight, the height difference would be even more glaring. An old professor of mine once saw a photo of us and asked whether we have the same parents. We do.

As you can see, this dress is super versatile: it's flattering on someone who is tall and thin, as well as someone who is short and stockier. The floral pattern is so pretty and colorful, but in a subtle way, and the dress is lined, so there's no need to fear that it'll be too sheer. I don't have many dress-friendly cardigans in New York, so I'm wearing an old shrug from high school, but Ronnie went for a more colorful look with a striped cardigan I gave her at Christmastime and her bunny flats.
The only upside of being short is that it's easy to find shoes in my size. For Ronnie, the only downside of being tall is how hard it is to find cute shoes in her size.
Wet hair, finger guns, and all the colors? That's my Ronnie!

We took these photos outside of my neighbor's house, because we were also standing around talking with them. My parents' across-the-street neighbor, Katie, is the great-granddaughter of the people who lived in that house before, and we basically grew up together. Her two-year-old twins are my godchildren, and they're truly incredible children: everyone loves them, even people who aren't 'kid people.' We've always thought of Katie's great-grandparents as our 'adopted' great-grandparents, or "great-grandparents by the grace of God," as Mom-Mom (her great grandma) used to put it, so it's really special to have them living in the house and raising their children right across the street!

Katie's outfit was also super chic that day: I feel like she should have her own style blog! But between having twin two-year-olds and running the family business, she barely has time to sleep, let alone blog. I managed to snap a few photos, though!
Ronnie has something against having her eyes open for photos.

After we took these photos, we went over to my grandma's and I got down to business helping my mother prepare green bean casserole and potatoes for 15 voracious eaters. 

We also had turkey and ham, courtesy of my mother and aunt, and another birthday cake for my mother. This cake came from this amazing bakery that my sister worked at in high school, so it was picture-perfect. No photos happened, though, because I got caught up in the moment/wanted cake ASAP. Overall, it was a lovely Easter Sunday, and I'm so glad that I got to spend it with my family for the first time in eight years!

How did you celebrate Easter?

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  1. I celebrated Easter by going to bars lol....yay Vegas! :p
    Question...where did you get your adorable flats??!!

    1. That sounds fabulous! Usually I don't do so much on Easter, but when in Rome, eat a ton of food like the Romans do ;). The flats are from the Lacoste outlet, from ages and ages ago. They feel like sneakers, but they don't look like them!

  2. Y'all are SO adorable and stylish! I love the neighbor story...stories of unbreakable and generational bonds at the best. You're making me eager to debut my PUG dress like this but in a different colorway! XO

    1. It's so fun to twin with someone IRL. I saw my godchildren later and was like "look, Ronnie and I are twins… oh wait, that means something to you."

      I'm so excited to see you in your version of the PUG dress!