Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wishlist Wednesday #11: Unicorn Edition

We've all got 'em: the one(s) that got away. The ones you didn't realize you loved until it was too late. The ones that sold out long before you discovered them. The unicorns. (Note: I realize that many people don't like this term, but it's one that many blog-readers know, so if you object to calling such items 'unicorns,' please give me a pass/don't hate me!)

Anyway, these are the ones that keep me up at night:

Bernie Dexter Victoria
I saw this dress on Lauren-Blair, as well as a few other lovely ladies on Instagram, and at first I thought 'Emily [because I pretty much always address myself by name when I'm internal-monologuing], you barely ever wear blue, but this dress looks great.' Then I realized that there are a zillion rich colors in this amazing print, which sort of reminds me of damask (which I love), and began to develop an insistent need for this dress. Then I thought about the red belt and now I can't stop searching eBay for one in my size. In fact, I stopped in the middle of writing that sentence to search again. No luck, unfortunately.

Pinup Girl Clothing Tiki Jenny
Honestly, I'm not sure why I have to have this skirt. The colors aren't usually ones I gravitate toward, and yet with this fabulous print, I'm dying to get my hands on one and wear it every minute. The print is just so gorgeous, fun, and summery, and I have glorious visions of tracking it down and getting an olive top to pair with it, a la the photo above. (I thought I was the first one to realize how perfect this combination was, until I a) searched for an image of the skirt, and 2) realized I'd probably seen it at SOME point on Instagram, because it's a pretty good pairing.)

This is a pretty heavily sought-after print, though, so I despair of ever getting my hands on one in my size. If you're looking to unload one of these in an L, or even an XL, though, I'm all ears!

Pinup Girl Clothing Picnic Jenny

This is another one of those 'probably never gonna happen' pieces, but dang, it is PERFECT.

Trashy Diva French Quarter

At this point, I'm banking on a miracle to get this amazing print. If not a miracle, then Trashy Diva should really bring this one back! This is just so gorgeous in every way: the painterly rendering of the landscape, the colors, the shape of the skirt, and the lovely wide waistband all add up to sartorial bliss. And if I get it, then I definitely have to go to New Orleans and wear it there, right?

Trashy Diva Sci-Fi Rockets
trashy diva sci fi rockets annette
If you caught yesterday's post, then you know I'm ever-so-slightly obsessed with the history of human spaceflight. The Atomic Age aesthetic also really, really appeals to me. In other words, the sci-fi rocket print is pretty much my dream print. Just think of the possibilities another space-themed garment would afford: I'd have choices for future spaceflight-related outfits and blog posts, and an endless source of delight.

The shape of this dress is also super cute, and I just know it would cover everything that needs covering, if you take my meaning.

Side note: this post is taking me forever to write because I keep checking eBay when I look for images of each dress/start writing about each dress/get distracted by something else and return to the post.

Trashy Diva Pontchartrain Print

I don't know what it is about this particular plaid, but it takes two colors I never used to think about wearing, throws them together, and makes me swoon. Gimme gimme gimme!

What are your ultimate unicorns?


  1. Dude, you and all have identical TD unicorns/centaurs (I'd never be mad at you or anyone for using that term!! I just insist on being difficult, hah). I also want the plaid TD that's more brown too. UGHHH. TD is the worst to search for old prints because they don't last long on their site (comparatively to other brands) and EVERYONE is searching for them, so eBay bids go nuts. I've all but given up hope too and am shocked that they didn't do any of these in the March Madness vote.

    Thanks for the shoutout :) It's almost more of a blue-green background in real life...if that helps (or revs up up the desire for this dress). I truly love it, so if you find it I def recommend it. I feel like I've seen it pop up here and there in various sizes so keep the hope. I think it's a relatively beloved print but not as rare as some of the others, so people are quicker to depart with it while cleaning out their closets etc. Message me your size if you feel like it so I can better spot it for you if I see it come up.

    I can't believe they also didn't bring the PUG tiki print back either. That was my first ever PUG purchase (bc I loved it and it went on sale) and I'm so glad it was because it's so hunted for. I hope you find it bc I can def see you rocking it!

    In addition to the ones I agreed with (we have similar taste apparently), my lost loves are a bunch of Bernies (an off white halter with blue script on it, yellow cherry Veronique dress, the book dress, the space rocket dress...MORE lol), the PUG Cabana stripes in both color ways, and a purple Tatyana tropical print dress. Plus I'm trying to get all of the color ways of the Hell Bunny Candy tropical Hawaii skirt (I have 3/5). It feels like a relatively small list, but they're amongst some of the most searched for prints so IDK how the search will go.

    Sorry for the long comment! These types of posts are hard not to get opinionated and chatty about haha! Have a great day!

  2. I seriously can't understand why Trashy Diva gets rid of prints so quickly, and that March Madness thing drove me up the wall!! I kept expecting one or all of these prints to make an appearance in the bracket, and when they didn't (and less-awesome prints did), I was all "*#&$%@!!!" I'm really not willing to pay significantly more for a used dress than when it was new, either, so eBay isn't a great option for those prints either. We can cross our fingers that TD will make better choices for future March Madness installments…

    That Bernie dress looks super amazing on you! And knowing that it's blue-green… oh man, now I need it more! I just took a break from writing this to check eBay *again,* haha. I'll definitely message you my size in case you come across that one -- feel free to do the same with the ones you want!

    Ugh, the tiki print. I'm still mad at myself for not doing 'buy it now' on one from Australia that was a size too small, and then altering it. What was I even thinking?!?

    (insert another eBay interlude…)

    Also I'm so glad you left a super long comment -- I was really hoping people would tell me all about their own centaur dreams!! Actually, can we make 'minotaur' happen? ;)

  3. I totally adore your wardrobe Emily