Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tomato, To-mah-to

You might have noticed that the tomato-print Bernie Dexter dress was missing from my recent 'unicorn' wish list, and wondered how we could possibly live in a world where I didn't want it. Let me explain: it's because I recently managed to get my mitts on it!
Bernie Dexter tomato print dress
Look! It's the first blog post featuring photos from my new phone! The future is here, people.

As always, there's a story involved, so brace yourself! I had been totally obsessed with this dress ever since I saw it on Bristol's blog, and every time I saw someone else wearing it, it fanned the flames. A few weeks ago, Sammi posted it on her Instagram, and I commented something to the effect of "EEEEK I MUST HAVE THIS YOU LOOK AMAZING." (I might've been slightly less coherent than that, but you get the idea.)

Lo and behold, she replied that another IG-er was selling hers at that very moment, and got us in touch. After a brief moment of "omg this is posted on a swap/sell group on Facebook and everyone wants it, which makes me panic, which makes me forget how to use my phone, which means I won't get it," I successfully sent Amy (aka @clarissa_snarling on IG) the world's most incomprehensible message of excitement/please sell this to me, and miraculously, I was first!

Man, just typing that story out makes my heart race a little with the ghost of adrenaline past!

Anyway, she was also selling her Queen of Hearts skirt, so I got two of my PUG-Most-Wanted in one miraculous swoop! They arrived a scant few days later, all the way from California, and I wore this one immediately. It is everything I'd dreamed it would be: the fit is perfect, and the print is vibrant and just delightful! This is a discontinued colorway of Bernie Dexter's Chelsea fit, and after trying it on, I can say that I definitely prefer it to the Paris dress. For one thing, the underbust seam actually fits under my bust! Between this, the Veronique, and the Kelly fit, I think it'll be tough to choose a favorite style of Bernie dress.
bernie dexter tomato print dress
It never ceases to delight me when the underbust seam works on me. Also: seriously, look at this print, and the perfect green belt!
bernie dexter tomato dress
Trust me, this is a really hard pose to hold.
Heels that don't hurt at all?!? Yes please!

I paired this dress with my green cropped MAC cardigan and a new pair of sandals that I picked up at DSW last week. Since I love anything themed, I played up the foodie side of the dress with my beloved stand mixer brooch and strawberry purse.
How do I love thee, Atomic Lucite and tomato dress? Let me count the ways, and then take a selfie.
Dress: Bernie Dexter (discontinued)
Shoes: Steve Madden, via DSW
Brooch: Atomic Lucite

I am eternally grateful to Sammi from the Soubrette Brunette for letting me know that this dress was available. It continues to blow my mind that she saw my comment and took the time to let me know that she had seen this up for sale. Also, if you ever see Amy selling anything that you want, you should jump on it, because she's 1) amazing all around and 2) a totally conscientious seller! People in the Instagram retro-style community are just the best!

What dress/dresses were you most excited to finally track down?

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