Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Italian Landscape Bella Donna

Happy birthday to my best friend Jenny! I've already written about her lifelong love of red, but I figured that I should celebrate her actual birthday in an appropriately-colored dress, even though she isn't here in Chicago to see it. I just realized that this dress is doubly appropriate, as she's half-Italian, and this is the Italian Landscape print.
pinup girl clothing italian landscape dress

Is it overkill to have the same print in both dress and skirt form? No? Good. I'm currently cooking up a fun post with the skirt version, but I wore the dress recently, and persuaded my sometimes-photographer to snap a few photos even though there were people passing by who could see me (and by extension, him) in all my weirdo glory.

I'm seriously in love with this print! It matches my favorite soft-as-a-cloud petticoat perfectly, which makes my life much easier. In these photos, I'm wearing it with a skinny black belt and one of my favorite pairs of flats, plus red lipstick and my ever-present necklace. The skirt portion of the dress is somewhat less well-suited for twirling than some of my other clothes, but I'll be darned if I don't attempt a spinning photo while I have an extra set of hands to help me take photos!
Hurray for good color-matching!
pinup girl clothing italian landscape bella donna
I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say I was probably blowing a kiss to my biceps or something.

In related skirt-and-dress news, the Paris print is supposed to restock sometime this week, and I'm not sure whether to get the skirt, the dress, or both. The incredible lack of clothing storage in my apartment makes me think I should pick one or the other, but my id is telling me to go for both. 

Help me! Which would you get, the skirt or the dress? Leave me a comment below with your answer, or if you don't want to set up a Blogger account, head over to my Facebook and weigh in there!

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