Monday, April 18, 2016

Monochrome in Hell (Bunny)

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope all my American readers had a relatively pain-free Tax Day, and for all my international people, I hope you never experience the special hell that is navigating the American tax code. In happier news, three years ago today was a happy and eventful day for me: my now-fiancé and I got back together after a brief break, and I met one of my closest friend's daughter for the very first time!

This outfit is brought to you by "OMG We Have to Go to the Verizon Store, like Right Now!" I've had this Hell Bunny dress for a while, but had yet to blog about it, so here are a few pics I snapped as we were going back into our apartment. We just so happened to be outside during the golden hour, so poor Jeff got dragooned into photo-taking service. (Isn't 'dragooned' a fun word?)
hell bunny mimi
Lighting for the win!

perfect swing dress
Now this is what I mean when I say that something petticoats well. Because 'petticoat' is totally a verb now ;).
This makes me feel like I have a waist, and I like it!
Everything is better with my trusty Malco Modes petticoat, and these ancient ballet flats from the Gap. Fun fact: these shoes were my beach shoes for a few years, because I make odd choices.

I'm a big fan of this dress, and (let's be honest here) anything with a shawl collar. Like most Hell Bunny dresses, this one runs a size larger than most other retro-repro brands. When I bought it, I hadn't realized that most brands run smaller than Banana Republic, so luckily, I accidentally chose the wrong size, but be aware of Hell Bunny's divergent sizing and consult the size chart before you order. I'm a big fan of this dress, except for one thing: the fabric belt. After I've been wearing this dress for a while, the fabric belt gets wrinkly and folds over where my body bends when I sit and move around. It just isn't a flattering look, and if I had a wide black belt, I'd switch out this fabric number in a hot minute.

I got this dress from Amazon, but it's still available in a 3X and 4X on Unique Vintage, as well as in a number of sizes and colors at Amazon

For those of you who work in a fairly casual workplace, would you wear this dress to work?

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