Thursday, September 14, 2017

Purple and Gold

Maybe it's because I lived in LA for eight years and married an avid Lakers fan, but I'm a huge fan of a purple and gold outfit. Mustard yellow and purple just seem like they belong together, so when I got my hands on this new-to-me floral Modcloth skirt, I knew exactly how I'd style it for its maiden voyage.

modcloth ikebana for all skirt

I go through phases with colors and color combinations. A year and a half ago, I couldn't get enough of aqua with red accents, and then for a while I was totally enamored of lavender and mint. But right now, it's all about the purple and gold. Who knows? Maybe I'm homesick for LA!

Regardless of the reason, mustard yellow is one of those colors I fall in love with periodically. It's the perfect three-season hue, working well from summer through late winter, and it tends to be a flattering yellow on my sallow skin. I like how it looks with black and white, dark green, red (for a lovely Gryffindor/hot-dog look, depending on the shade of red), and light blue, but I think it really pops when paired with purple. (*mumbles something about color theory*)

Now that I've gone from 'yeah, she might be pregnant' to 'random strangers congratulating me because I'm unmistakably pregnant,' I can really only wear my non-maternity shirts tucked into a skirt. (Which has been pulled up as high as it can possibly go, so as to fit over my bump.) I must say, 25 pounds and 36 weeks of pregnancy have made a huge difference in how this tank top fits since the last time I blogged about it. But at this late stage, I'm just thankful it fits at all, because it's the perfect color to complement out the hints of purple in this skirt, and I'm nothing if not a fan of coordinating!

Since this skirt is comfortable and has pockets, I expect I'll be wearing it quite a bit after the baby is born, and I'm especially looking forward to styling it with a petticoat. I've taken a temporary hiatus from wearing them, as the waistbands on mine are a bit too tight for all-day wear at the moment! I think I'll pair this skirt with a striped top, to put my 'stripes are a neutral' theory to the test.

Top: Target, last year
Skirt: Modcloth, old
Brooch: Atomic Lucite
Shoes: Primark (!!!)

What's your favorite color combination at the moment?

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  1. You wear the most gorgeous clothes EVER 😍I agree purple and yellow look great together! Those are my main blog colours 😊😊
    Amy x

  2. I admire your boldness when it comes to wearing colour, my wardrobe is 90% monochrome but seeing you in this combo makes me feel instantly happy!
    Tara x

  3. Always thought yellow and purple went well together - defo must be the LA thing though hahaha looking beautiful as always!

    Jessica & James | /

  4. Hi, the purple and yellow go great together. Love the way you are spinning on a pose and the skirt is flying outwards.

  5. That is such a gorgeous colour combo! I'd never thought to have paired them together but they really suit you!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  6. This color combo is one I never do - I usually stay safe and pair bright skirts with a neutral top - nut I LOVE this! You've sold me on mustard yellow and purple and I loled at "for a lovely Gryffindor/hot-dog look" :D Love love how you're rocking the pregnancy style - I know I've said that before but I'm excited for my next friend who gets preggo cause I'm definitely sending to your blog for perfect maternity style inspo!

    Mary Lane @NewYorkCliche

  7. Love love love the skirt part! Mustard and a flower pattern is the best thing that happened to fashion ever! haha x


  8. Oooh it looks lush!
    And that skirt is *beautiful*. You've styled it wonderfully.
    Cora ❤

  9. You are absolutely rocking that look! I remember being so uncomfortable at 36 weeks when NOTHING fitted and I looked like a whale but you look amazing. Love the floral print too, I've never worn something like that but after seeing how good it looks on you I'm going to try, thank you for the inspo! x

    Lisa |

  10. If I didn't see this, I wouldn't know mustard yellow and purple goes well 😍 this is such a pretty outfit!

  11. A skirt with pockets, a skirt with pockets? Why aren't these more readily available here in the UK? They'd be so useful-for the iPhone storage (it's the blogger in me) and pens or pencils (the writer in me). I really like what you wear-and if I ever visit Chicago, I would love to go shopping with you. Thank you always for the lovely blog comments x

  12. Ayyyyy Lakers fans unite πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ» I've been loving purple for fall though and pairing it with the yellow really brightens it up! So cute.

    SinΓ©ad |

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