Monday, June 6, 2016

One Skirt Three Ways: Pinup Girl Clothing Paris Jenny

If you're a fan of Pinup Girl Clothing (PUG), the odds are very good that you already know about the Paris print. It was a highly sought-after discontinued print for what felt like ages, until it was finally rereleased this past spring. For those who, like me, discovered PUG after this skirt had already sold out, it was a godsend when they announced that they'd be bringing the print back with pockets. It's been all over my Instagram/Facebook feeds ever since, and I've seen some outfits people have put together that make me want to own a lime green top for the first time since I was probably six or so.

In case you were wondering, this, like the tiki print, is another one of those prints that fully lives up to the hype. I was a little surprised when my skirt (…and dress… I went a little crazy, because FOMO is a powerful thing indeed) arrived, because the background is a lovely pale pink, and not white as I'd assumed, but after about 0.0001 seconds of head-scratching, I concluded that this made it even better! There are so many vibrant colors in the skirt, which made it super easy to come up with three fun outfits for this post. I've seen lots of ladies wearing this skirt with tops from PUG and while they look beyond incredible, I tried to go a bit off the beaten retro-reproduction path with my three looks. (Well, that and I don't have a Voodoo Vixen or Vamp top…yet!)

Outfit #1

For my first outfit, I went with something I'd wear to work. (Have I mentioned recently how much I love working at a place with no real dress code?) The incredibly roomy pockets on the new Jenny skirts make this an ideal piece to wear to work, since I often run around all day with my phone, a notepad, pens, and sometimes my wallet/snacks in my hands! I don't usually wear a petticoat to work, since I already have problems with not bumping into things/judging where I am in space, but this skirt is lovely and full even without anything to poof it out!

I go through phases with mustard yellow: sometimes I am OMG OBSESSED IT'S MY FAVE, and other times I can't understand what I was thinking when I thought it was a good idea to buy anything in that color. Right now, the pendulum has clearly swung back to the former pole, and I think this no-name top that I got for $6 off of Depop is a good match for the man's shirt in the skirt print. Technically, this top doesn't have lavender in it, but I'm really in love with complimentary colors and my Up brooch from Atomic Lucite, and I like how it looks! Comfy shoes are a must at work, so as you can see, I'm wearing simple silver flats. (What you can't see is that these flats are about five years old, and that I wore them to my beach photoshoot recently.)
I am inexplicably torn between loving this photo, and thinking that it looks like a shot you'd see of the lead's understudy on the wall of a regional theater.
This movie! It turns my eyes (and nose, to be honest) into faucets every time!
Top: ??? from Depop
Shoes: Gap
Bangle and brooch: Atomic Lucite

Outfit #2

It was a bit of a no-brainer to pair this skirt with a striped top. After all, what's more Parisian than stripes? (Answer: pastries, wine, berets…ok, it was a rhetorical question!) I wore this a few weeks ago, during one of the first nice days in a while, and felt great all day. The wicker purse is one of my favorite bags, and the sandals are surprisingly comfortable for a pair of shoes that makes me almost average-height! I skipped a brooch with this outfit, since the belt has a decent amount of sparkle and the top is somewhat flimsy after years and years of machine-washing and -drying. Overall, I was delighted with how this chunky-stripe top worked with the skirt, and I'm planning to wear this again, minus the petticoat, on warm days.
This belt might be a little over the top, but I love it!
I love how petticoated skirts look from the side! They make me feel very posh.
Top: J.Crew, from ages ago
Shoes: Steve Madden, from DSW
Purse: Pinup Girl Clothing (restocking soon!)

Outfit #3

For this outfit, I went ever-so-slightly hog wild: two petticoats, very very bright pink jelly wedges, and my biggest hair flower! If you've never done it before, I highly recommend putting on a skirt that's so poofy that you can't buckle your own shoes or pick things up if you drop them, grabbing a tripod, and doing a photoshoot near a bunch of college kids. It does wonders for the 'I'm impervious to embarrassment' muscle that every adult needs!

The observant reader might recognize this shirt from my Valentine's Day outfit, but I think that BB-8 is a year-round fashion statement, even if this shirt does have an obvious Valentine's theme. There is no way that I could have braved the elements in open-toed shoes in February, though! FYI: these wedges are supremely comfortable and currently on super-sale in several colors at Modcloth. I *might* have a clear glitter pair on its way to me right now! Again, I skipped a brooch, but wore my new sparkly bangles, which coordinated well with the colorful print of the skirt.
This is my 'awwwww yeah' face.
Top: Beep Boop Beep Clothing
Cardigan: Doll Me Up
Shoes: Modcloth
Bangles: Atomic Lucite

If you missed out on the most recent release of this skirt, a little bird told me that they're planning to restock at the end of the summer, so keep a weather eye on the PUG Customer Lounge on Facebook for updates! It also looks great with so many different shades of blue, burgundy, lime/bright yellow, white, or black.

Which outfit is your favorite? How would you style this skirt?

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  1. I wasn't able to obtain this precious print....but that's okay, I've been purchasing some other goodies :)

    1. oooh, will you do a shopping roundup on your blog?!? I can't wait to see what you've been getting!!

    2. I hadn't thought about it, but yes....I WILL :)

    3. I hadn't thought about it, but yes....I WILL :)

  2. I feel like maybe my brain was miswired cuz...I just am not that into the Paris print?? I think it's very pretty, but it's never pinged any of my "gotta have it" sensors, and they are numerous!

    1. You're lucky! Waiting for it to come back in stock was slow torture, and that means you can spend that money on something else that you like!

      PS - guess who has two thumbs and just got lemon-print cropped pants!

  3. First off, your shoe game is mega on point lately lady!! Secondly, all three outfits look great! And third, I'm so glad this print got brought back. I narrowly made the cut of getting it the first time (found it on eBay for a good price and then it went on sale at PUG and sold out before it was delivered. I was super anxious until it arrived safe and sound!!) so while I didn't "miss out" I understand the power of this print! XO

    1. Aw, thank you! I really love the wedges and the white sandals -- both are supremely comfortable, which is pretty much my #1 criteria when it comes to shoes. I'm so glad you got the Paris print in the first run, and didn't have to go through the agony of loving it for years but not having it!!

      <3! Hope your wrist is good as new!