Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wishlist Wednesday Update: Effie's Heart Lemons

The theme of today is 'when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.' I've had another pretty rough day of travel and a full day of work after waking at 4:45am. This delightful marathon culminated in a surprise thunderstorm, a mad dash across Museum Campus to my bus (during which time I got absolutely drenched), and a longer-than-usual bus ride in which rain dripped onto me inside the bus. Oh, and a clogged drain in the bathroom sink, which may or may not get fixed tomorrow. Le sigh. However, this makes me appreciate my cozy apartment more than usual, and now that I'm dry, I'm just hoping that Jeff gets home soon, because I'm excited to see him after my weekend in New York!

Way back in the early days of this blog, I went nuts over fruit prints for the first (but not the last!) time. I already own two other Effie's Heart dresses in the exact same cut as this lemon print dress, and since I love them both, I felt confident that I needed another. Well, after waiting a couple of months, I'm happy to update you all on the status of my fruit-printed dress collection! I ordered it in one of Modcloth's sitewide sales, and this was definitely worth it. Don't you just love it when something completely lives up to your fanciful expectations?

I don't even know where to begin, so I'll start with sizing, fit, and quality. Right now, I'm measuring roughly 39" in the bust and 30.5" in the waist, and I'm wearing a medium here. The fabric has a good deal of stretch, which means that 1) each size can accommodate a wider range of measurements, and 2) it's ridiculously comfortable. The fabric is quite thick and drapes well. Perhaps most importantly, the neckline is high enough to wear to work and the dress has enormous pockets! It seems quite well made, and my other Effie's Heart dresses have held up well and retained their vibrant colors even after multiple trips through the washing machine.

I don't have a pair of shoes that match the greens in this dress exactly, nor do I own a lemon brooch. What I do have is the most exciting strawberry brooch of all time, which was obviously the right accessory for the job. I'm embracing the strawberry lemonade theme with my newish red flats. They have pyramid spikes all around the edges, which reminds me of the belts I used to wear throughout high school and college. After having these shoes for about a month, I've finally learned not to accidentally kick my leg with the opposite foot. (Nietzsche was right: pain is an excellent aide-mémoire!)
This is my new favorite pose, so clearly I need to do it to death.
I missed a golden opportunity to wear one of my many red lipsticks with this outfit, but as they say, tomorrow is a new day!
Did I mention that the skirt is a full circle?!?
Dress: Effie's Heart, from Modcloth
Shoes: Zulily
Brooch: Atomic Lucite

What's your favorite fruit print? I have a very hard time choosing between strawberries, watermelon, and lemons!

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  1. YES! I love that you made "strawberry lemonade" - I really need to get on this Effie Heart site!!

    1. OMG YOU'RE FREE TO SHOP -- six months is up now, right?? YAYYYYYY! I almost never do shout capitals in my blog, but this is way exciting.

      Effie's Heart is so comfy and cute; I totally recommend them if you're into dresses that feel like PJs but still look nice.