Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wishlist Wednesday #13

It's been a while since I did a proper Wishlist Wednesday post, so I'm hoping today's installment is a real humdinger! I've done a few updates on previous Wishlist Wednesday posts, showcasing pieces that I ended up buying, and I have a feeling that some of these pretties will make their way into my wardrobe sooner rather than later! Today I'm featuring pieces that just say "summer" to me. Fruit prints, popsicles, and open-toed shoes await you below!

$25 and Under
I have this piece in pink, and reach for it all the time, so I'm pretty sure that I'd get plenty of wear out of this orange peony hair flower from Daisy Jean Floral Designs. I love the subtle ombre effect, and the color just screams summer to me!

I ordered a couple of of JollyHollieday's new custom Darling Doll brooches already, and I'm in absolute love with them! (Expect a post on these once the wedding hubbub dies down a bit…) I'm sorely tempted by this cute brooch featuring the Mary Blair umbrella skirt that I have. She even has long hair, just like me!

$50 and Under
This strawberry phone case shorted out my brain. That is all. It shall be mine!
Where there are strawberries, there must also be watermelons, in the form of this epic watermelon tote bag! If only I needed more bags...

$100 and Under
This stylized fruit print is basically everything I like in one brightly-colored fabric, and the cut of this dress is just so classic. Plus, it can be made to measure, which is basically the best thing ever. Sign me up, please!
retrolicious popsicle dress
This Retrolicious dress may look rather similar to the previous one, but there's a very important difference: this one has popsicles on it! There's approximately a 75% chance that I'm about to order it...

Let's Pretend I Have Infinite Monies! 
It feels like forever since Trashy Diva released a really bright, vibrant collection, but the new Mahjong print and the amazing lime-green pieces from that collection were totally worth the wait. This shirtwaist dress is an amazing apple green, and if I wasn't rapidly running out of room in my closet, I would've included it in my most recent order. I'm keeping my eye on you, green shirtdress!
kate spade charm slingback heel
I've been really good about not going hogwild and blowing my wedding budget/buying a bunch of ridiculously expensive things because "It's my day!" [ugh, gross], but these Kate Spade multicolor glitter slingbacks tested my resolve quite sorely. Is it ridiculous to spend $325 on a pair of shoes that will probably make my feet hurt a lot? The answer is clearly yes, but that doesn't stop me from wishing!

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  1. Oh. My. GAWD....those shoes!!!!
    Why would you do this to I want to find similar shoes to purchase :p