Monday, June 20, 2016

Trashy Diva Cactus Rouge

I'm in New York for my wedding, everyone! I'm starting to feel like everything that needs to happen (seating charts, the glitter we are painting inside the vases for the centerpieces, the playlist, ceremony stuff) is actually going to work out, so I'm feeling much better than I was two weeks ago. Jeff is supposed to arrive on Thursday, and after we pick him up, we'll drive out to the island and get our marriage license! As you can tell from the excess of exclamation points, I'm super excited to be getting married.

But enough about that: let's talk clothing, shall we?
trashy diva cactus rouge

I took a while to warm up to Trashy Diva (which is as much due to their prices as anything else), but after getting a couple of pieces, I can safely say that I'm a major fan! In honor of their new collection, I decided it was time to post this easy summer outfit. I recently picked up this blouse and skirt on sale, and I think it's the perfect summer outfit: the fabric is breezy and light, but the print is vibrant enough to really feel summery. As much as this would have been heretical a few years ago, I think red and white is the new black and white!

Trashy Diva sizing can be a bit confusing, and often varies from collection to collection, but I followed the 'size up with separates' rule and both pieces fit perfectly. For reference, I'm currently measuring 39"-30.5", and I'm wearing a 10 in the blouse and a 12 in the skirt. The best part about this blouse is the ruched panels on the back, which make it comfortable to wear all day and ensure that it fits in both the waist and the bust.

I don't often wear my hair up if I can help it, but I'm getting used to living in a place with uncomfortably warm days after eight years in LA, so I'm trying to get over my updo hangups. Honestly, I need to just get over it and realize that my silly vanity is no reason to sweat under a waist-length hair blanket for months on end! It really helps to add a flower. Add red shoes, red lipstick, and a vintage purse, and I am ready to take on the world!
trashy diva cactus rouge skirt
*will I ever own the sci-fi rockets dress?*
daisy jean regal ruth
I feel like this photo makes me look really tall.
Trashy Diva Lena blouse
Top: Trashy Diva Lena blouse in Cactus Rouge
Skirt: Trashy Diva classic skirt in Cactus Rouge
Shoes: Zulily
Purse: vintage

How do you feel about Trashy Diva?

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  1. You know....I've only found one print that I really liked and I believe it's discontinued. I don't dare look because I'm afraid of the cost lol

    I LOVE this dress on you <3

  2. I didn't realize these were separates on Insta!!! So cute-and good rule! Love the up-do too...def do more! Best wishes!!!!!