Tuesday, March 29, 2016

One Skirt Three Ways: Aqua Circle Skirt

It is good to be home! I've been having a lovely time seeing everyone, playing with my godchildren, and generally running around.

Today's installment in my "One Piece Three Ways" series features my aqua circle skirt from Le Bomb Shop. I've written about Le Bomb Shop before, and this skirt is one of my favorite things I've bought from them. 
A bonus outfit, from the days before I learned to take better photos of myself. This top is actually a dress!
This skirt is a full circle, hits me at exactly the right spot, and is made out of that neoprene scuba material, so it's a bit stretchy and therefore comfy! The heavy but supple fabric also means that it drapes perfectly and doesn't wrinkle! As I've said before, the zipper was a bit fiddly at first, but after I rubbed it with wax paper, it went much easier. One of my favorite things about this skirt is that it looks great with or without a petticoat, as you'll see in the following outfits.

Outfit #1

My first look is perfect for early spring, and those lovely days where it's warm enough to forgo tights, but still cool enough for long sleeves. Ever since I discovered the whole 'throw a skirt on over a dress' idea, my old stretchy bodycon dresses have gotten a new lease on life as fitted tops. I thought the colors in the sleeves of this dress would look nice with the bright aqua of the skirt, and the black crosshatching would liven the outfit up more than a plain white shirt would.

I chose a purple belt to pick up the lavender in the sleeves, and my pink 'Satan' brooch, because it's hilarious and reminds me of my high-school nickname. I'm not wearing a petticoat with this outfit, but I think the skirt still looks fun without it.
Dress, worn as top: Romwe
Belt: Amazon
Shoes: Gap

Outfit #2

My second outfit featuring this skirt is actually one I wore for the first time I wore it outside. For this one, I was in full-on winter mode. I pulled out all the stops from my post on staying warm in skirts, including knee boots, faux-fur-topped leg warmers, pettipants over tights, and a petticoat. I had recently fallen in love with the combo of aqua and red, so I chose to wear this with a fun printed top from Lindy Bop that goes well with my red cropped cardigan. Finally, I'm wearing the smaller of my two 23" Malco Modes petticoats, which is trimmed with lace at the bottom. That petticoat is a little longer than the skirt unless I pull the petticoat waistband under the skirt's, though, so the lace is peeking out.
There is nothing quite like a circle skirt in mid-twirl!
Shirt: Lindy Bop, now sold out
Cardigan: MAK, from Modcloth
Petticoat: Malco Modes Zooey
Belt: is from early college, so I forget

Outfit #3

For my third outfit, I wanted to make the combination of the aqua skirt and dusty rose petticoat the centerpiece. I chose a black-and-white striped shirt and a white cardigan, and in general was quite pleased with how this look… uh… looked. I think this petticoat is my favorite one to wear with this skirt, actually. The only thing I didn't really like about this outfit was how the cardigan flares out over the skirt, since it's a bit longer than my other cropped cardigans. However, as you'll see below, I've devised a solution to that problem!
I feel like the world's least coordinated ballerina when I look at these photos.
Shirt: Banana Republic
Cardigan: Le Bomb Shop
Shoes: ABS by Allen Schwartz

Bonus! Outfit 3, Version 2.0
Shirt: Le Bomb Shop
Collar Clips: Femme De Bloom (in magenta)
Earrings: Atomic Lucite
Belt: J.Crew
Shoes: Bloch

As I said, I liked Outfit #3 a lot, but wasn't quite satisfied with how the cardigan looked laying open over the skirt. A few days after I had put that outfit together, a set of collar clips that I'd ordered from Femme De Bloom arrived. I was super excited to wear them, and wanted to wear them with a Peter Pan collar, so I figured I'd try tucking it into the skirt. Lo and behold, I had created my new favorite outfit involving this skirt! I wore mint earrings that matched the skirt almost exactly, and an old pink belt to play up the collar clips. It was colder, so I also needed tights. 

All in all, I think this bonus outfit is my favorite of the outfits I've come up with involving this skirt -- what's your favorite?


  1. Yeah cardigans over skirts....booo! I find they make my butt look HUGE!!
    My favorite is look no. 3....love it!!

    1. Yes!! That's exactly what I don't like about them. Whoever invented the cropped cardigan deserves a Nobel Prize! Thanks -- I like striped shirts so much, and love wearing that cardigan with this skirt <3!

  2. Lovely skirt! I especially loved outfit #2! What a cute shirt you paired it with.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm really into cars, so when I saw that shirt, I knew I had to have it! I'm so excited to post the skirt I got from you -- I have a special occasion in mind!!

  3. All of these are so fun!! I love the ones with hints of lavender best! And, I wear body con dresses under skirts too!!! Aren't they the greatest for high waisted skirts?!? I'm SO glad that was the last "trend" I invested in! Haha.

    1. Thank you! I've really started to like lavender lately. Bodycon dresses are so perfect for highwaisted skirts -- you are totally right! They stay tucked in so much better than a regular skirt. It's so wonderful when there's a fun new way to wear things that would otherwise sit unused in the closet.