Thursday, March 10, 2016

One Skirt, Three Ways: The Oblong Box Shop Midcentury House Skirt

One of my favorite things about living in LA (besides the weather, the omnipresent taco trucks, the weather, my friends, and the weather) was the architecture. It's a midcentury-modern-lover's paradise! There are houses all over the place that actually look like the Brady Bunch might live there, along with more kitschy 1950s-era signs than you can shake a stick at. I think part of the reason for all this gorgeous midcentury signage and architecture is actually the weather: since it hardly ever rains and never snows in LA, things stay nicer for so much longer than they do in the Lands of Always Winter. My dad used to tell me about seeing ads for used cars that would proudly proclaim this or that car as a "California car," which was apparently a selling point as it meant the car hadn't been exposed to the road salt, freeze-thaw cycle, and so on of the East Coast. But I seriously digress.

This is not a post about LA architecture, though that's a good idea that I should file away in my Swiss-cheese-like memory, except insofar as today's super-versatile piece features the most awesome midcentury-house print ever. Feast your eyes on this beauty, designed by the Oblong Box Shop's Denialle Von Fitch and still available in most sizes:
Look at this print; isn't it mindblowingly fabulous?!? This is a bonus fourth styling option! This white-leopard mock neck came from Ross Dress For Less.
This is another one of those items that I actually waited a while to buy, since I was trying to be good in the shopping department. I saw it on Unique Vintage's website at some point in October, I think, and from there, I discovered the wonder that is Denaille Von Fitch's skirt designs for her store, the Oblong Box Shop. She makes these great gathered skirts with amazing big novelty prints in fantastic, vibrant colors. I'm so excited for her upcoming releases, too!

The skirt is made out of a thick polyester with a decent amount of sheen to it, which I think makes it look even more unique, and there's green contrast stitching at the waistband that I really like. The skirt also has tonal strips in the green part of the fabric, which remind me of the stripes you'd see on a freshly mown lawn. There's also a pocket! This skirt seems to be really well made, with no pattern mismatching or loose threads at all. It's 26" long and very full, which makes it the perfect length for my Malco Modes Jennifer petticoat, though it looks cute without any underskirt as well. For such a bright print, this skirt is surprisingly versatile, as I'm hoping you'll see from the outfits below:

Outfit #1

For my first look, I chose a long-sleeved shirt that's a few shades lighter than the pool in the skirt's print. Sky blue is a color I rarely wear, but I liked the lacy detailing on the sleeves of this top, and have been warming to pastels recently. It's a a nice change of pace from the black tops I usually think to pair with such a bright skirt, and looking at the photos, I'm pleased by the overall springlike effect of this outfit. I didn't wear a petticoat with this look, but I think the skirt still drapes in a flattering shape. I wore my 'left-bank' glasses, because Reasons.

I also thought that a light top would make my Erstwilder camper brooch stand out a bit more. The brooch choice itself was a no-brainer: I could totally picture that camper parked outside the houses on the skirt. Maybe I should've pinned it onto my skirt instead! But that would've been weird.
Shirt: Romwe
Skirt: The Oblong Box Shop
Shoes: Gap, forever ago
Brooch: Erstwilder, from Unique Vintage

Outfit #2

For my second outfit, I went a little more traditional (for me, that is), with a black and white striped shirt, black tights, a petticoat, and black lace-up boots. I really like half-sleeve shirts, and this one is made of a thick, stretchy cotton that works well tucked into skirts. I wore this outfit to the grocery store and it was a big hit! I'm sort of awkward and don't really know what to say when strangers talk to me. A woman complimented me at the deli counter and all I could think to say was "Thanks! It's my life's goal to be a human cupcake!" Oops. I need someone to teach me how to People.

Anyway, I didn't realize until after I'd gotten home that I forgot to wear a brooch, but I had remembered my favorite Daisy Jean hair flower, so I'll call it a win.
Seriously, look at that flower! It's like a sunset in hair-accessory form!
Clearly, I am a little obsessed with making a photographic daisy chain out of my skirts and hands.
Shirt: Banana Republic
Boots: Seychelles

Outfit #3
I bet you thought you'd escape this post without seeing one of my two pairs of B.A.I.T. heels!

For my third outfit, I decided to think outside the box (…see what I did there?) and pick an unexpected color. This new-to-me gold top was just what the doctor ordered. I got it from Miss Amy May's closet clean out sale, and now I want one in every color that exists! It zips down from the middle of the back to the hem, which gives it the perfect fitted shape. I especially like that while it's made of button-up shirt fabric, and has a collar and cute fold over cuffs, it doesn't have any buttons! No buttons = no gaping, or fears of gaping. 

This strikes me as the most 'pinup' of the three looks, and I certainly felt pretty glam in this top! Sticking with the pinup vibe, I went with a bright red lip, the orange hair flower from outfit #2, and my red glasses. To finish the outfit, I wore my green B.A.I.T. low heels, my Jennifer petticoat, and green heart-shaped sweater clips from Femme De Bloom. I'm on the hunt for more Peter Pan collars/other collared shirts, so I can wear these clips every day! I really like how the yellow looks with the colors in this skirt, though if I could have a mulligan on this outfit, I'd probably choose my green velvet ballet flats, since they match the skirt a bit better. Either that, or I'd spring for a pair of B.A.I.T. heels in coral ;).
For once, a gust of wind happened right as the shutter snapped without ruining my photo!
Shirt: Pinup Girl Clothing Sean top, via Miss Amy May's Instagram
Collar clips: Femme De Bloom

All three of these are outfits I plan to wear again, but I think this skirt would also look great with tops in lavender or deeper purple, a white oxford (or for me, this button-free alternative,) and black or light blue gingham, as well as graphic tees in a variety of colors.

Which of these looks do you like the best? How would you style this skirt?

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  1. I do have to say #3 is my fav....and that top is just yes yes....all they yes!
    And also, I would like to be a cupcake as well! :p

    1. Aw, thank you so much! The more I look at these three outfits, the more I think that this skirt works best when there's a bit more skin showing on top. This Sean top from PUG is better than I ever imagined it would be!

      Yay, hopefully someday we can hang out and be cupcakes together!

  2. Oblong Box Shop makes the BEST skirts!! This one is so lovely on you! That yellow Sean top is also great on you! And I adore that orange hair flower.

    1. Yes to Oblong Box Shop skirts! The designs are so fun and they're just the perfect shape and length!! Thank you so much :). I definitely need more PUG tops -- I only have this one and the Doris in green. This hair flower is probably my favorite!

  3. I think the yellow top outfit is my favorite and now I'm filing that color scheme away in my "swiss cheese like memory" (ha!) for future stylings. I think TOBS really has some of the best quality and most unique/special skirts around. I'm dying over her upcoming collection. XO

    1. I love that color combo too! It's funny that you mention having a swiss-cheese memory -- mine is the same way, and part of what I like about having this blog is the archival function it serves, hehe. And you are so right about TOBS! Her designs are just SO FUN. I cannot WAIT for the orange skirt that's coming soon… and the yellow… and the elephants...