Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wishlist Wednesday #10

It's getting a lot harder for me to make these wish lists, since all I can think about is Pinup Girl Clothing's as-yet unreleased new collection. Every time they preview it on Instagram, I get a little more excited about the new Mary Blair prints! I don't think it would be possible for me to get more excited about the rerelease of the Paris-print Jennys. Nonetheless, there's a great big world of fun clothing out there, and I spend an embarrassing amount of time trawling it for fun things. Here are this week's finds!

$25 and Under
Ok. I know button-up shirts are usually a major disaster on me, which is why I hardly ever wear them. But when I see the cutest little peach gingham top, I'm tempted to forget everything I ever knew and just go for it!
These heart-shaped sunglasses have more than a slight Lolita vibe, but they're also super kitschy and fun. That movie came out forever ago, anyway. No one would think of it in 2016 if I wore these, right?

$50 and Under
I sort of have a Thing for Peter Pan collars, and this mustard top from Collectif would look super snazzy with my mermaid skirt! Does anyone out there know if Collectif runs true to size?
I have a pink floral sundress from Le Bomb Shop that I absolutely adore, and this aqua one has adorable white buttons down the front. You definitely can't beat the price, either: $40!!

$100 and Under
I saw this dress on Doll Me Up's Instagram, and thought it was just adorable! I haven't been especially into pink for a long time, but gingham is a whole different animal, and I definitely think this would make for a super cute summertime dress!
This top! YASSSS.

'Budget' is not in my vocabulary
I'm really into gingham right now, and the rickrack trim joining the gingham appliqu├ęs on this Trashy Diva dress together is just too cute!
There's a very good chance that I'll use my entire month's clothing budget on buying this leopard-print shirtdress and not regret it at all. I reviewed the kitchen-print version of this dress in this post, and I think I'd get a lot of use out of this one, too. I saw some photos of the dress on Instagram, and it's much less yellow than it looks on the Bernie Dexter site.

What are you eyeing this week?


  1. PUG did a sneaky peeky of their new ballerina print coming out....OMGERD I HOPE I AM OFF MY BUYING BAN! I need that AND the above mentioned Paris print. My husband is just going to have to be mad at me that month because it's going to happen...damn it.

    Collectif runs a little big (in my experience) but not big enough to size up. The pieces I own from them have stretch and are food baby friendly lol :)

    And yes....that peter pan collar shirt is a must!!

    1. I saw that ballerina print and my jaw actually dropped. It's so perfect! I hope you're off the buying ban, too! The post on FB *did* say summer 2016… so here's hoping!

      Thanks for the Collectif sizing info! I do love me a good food-baby friendly garment. It's basically a necessity, given how much I love to eat! I might go for it soon...

  2. So many lovely things!! I'm especially enamored with that mustard top and those sunglasses--so cute for the spring!

    1. The mustard top is SO perfect, and I know at least three ways I'd wear it. That makes it a wise purchase, right? Rationalizing things is my speciality!

  3. I was eyeing that Collectif shirt today!! Great list ;) And I hear you; I feel like every week PUG releases a new preview of something awesome...Mary Blair and otherwise. AND Tatyana has been upping their game + I've been dying waiting for Oblong's new releases since 2015 haha. You've done a great job of not staying strictly with PUG though here, as I appreciate the difficulty! XO

    1. Thank you! I'm having the hardest time saving my money for when the new PUG finally drops!! It'll be so hard to decide which pieces to get; I want every single one they've previewed!

      Did you order the new OBS skirts yet?