Tuesday, March 15, 2016

One Holiday Three Ways: Luck O' the Irish!

This post is highly irregular, for two reasons. First, I'm not Irish at all. Second, I'm cheating a little with my "One X, Three Ways" series, since the only thing that these outfits have in common is the person wearing them. However, someone once said "don't let the facts get in the way of a good story," and I'm taking this to mean I shouldn't let those facts get in the way of a fun post. It's my blog, and I do what I want.

Moving on. In honor of the impending Festival of Corned Beef, Guinness, and Emerald Isle Fangirling, here are three contenders for my St. Patrick's Day 2016 outfit!
Please excuse the accidental RBF in photo #1. It's not usually a problem for me, but direct sunlight really brings it out.
Outfit #1
I don't even know what color my hair is.

This dress isn't a silhouette I normally wear. Usually, I leave mod shifts like this to tall, willowy women who don't need the waist definition. However, the print was just too good to pass up! I got it in a little boutique in Henderson, NV last April, while Jeff was off doing bachelor-party things with his brothers. It was a pretty good deal, too! While I was looking through my clothes recently, I came across this Banana Republic cardigan that I wore all the time in LA, but haven't worn once since the move, and to my everlasting joy, it was a perfect match for the dress. I haven't been wearing long cardigans as much, since I've been wearing more full/circle skirts, but this was a great excuse to bust out one of my old favorites in a festive hue!
Dress: from a random boutique in Nevada last year
Cardigan: Banana Republic
Shoes: ABS by Allen Schwartz

Outfit #2

This outfit is probably my best bet if Thursday proves damp and/or cold. I had my eye on this Tatyana dress for probably close to a year before the combination of a Modcloth sitewide sale and a week of "NOTHING I OWN LOOKS NICE ANYMORE" pushed me to just go for it. Actually, I was considering the white version of this for my wedding, but decided it would be silly to have the exact same dress in two colors, and realized I'd get more wear out of the green version. (Read: I was totally in love with this shade of green.)

I'm wearing the dress with my shorter Malco Modes petticoat, my green BAITs, and this ancient cardigan that is basically the best rediscovery of Christmas 2016. This dusty rose petticoat is one of my absolute favorites, and I think it looks nice with the green of the dress, too. 
Sometimes the wind ruins everything, and other times, it's shockingly helpful!
Dress: Tatyana, from Modcloth
Petticoat: Malco Modes Jennifer in Dusty Rose
Shoes: B.A.I.T. Footwear Jenny in Celery
Cardigan: Old Navy

Outfit #3

The third dress I'm considering is also from Modcloth, and it's a somewhat simpler outfit than the previous option. Can I just take a minute to be excited about the slight definition on my calves? I haven't seen those muscles in a while, though I've been doing lots of leg weights.

Anyway, this outfit is super comfortable, and I've been really into jade green lately, so this is a pretty strong contender for Thursday. I'm really liking how my new-to-me wicker purse from Pinup Girl Clothing looks with this ensemble. The lavender in the purse plays up the pastel in my brooch, which makes me all kinds of happy! This dress is also a pretty good match for my mint teardrop earrings from Atomic Lucite. In a rare display of forethought, I'm wearing my hair up in these photos, so you can actually see my earrings and brooch.
I cannot stop ogling this bag!
Dress: Modcloth (sold out in this color, but now available in mint!)
Cardigan: Forever 21
Purse: Pinup Girl Clothing, restocking soon!
Brooch: Luxulite
Earrings: Atomic Lucite

So those are my picks for St. Patrick's Day 2016. It's extremely likely that I'll decide which to wear based on 1) how much eating and drinking I expect to do, and 2) the weather, but I like all three options, and can add tights if need be. 

Which look is your favorite?

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  1. My vote is for #2 or #3. The first option gives a more Celtic feel - but I do love the ensem.
    Depending on what you are up do...number three looks good for long term comfort and if you are doing a more mellow evening, number two is right up there. However, knowing you live in Chicago and St. Patty's is an Irish holiday....I doubt you are going to have a mellow night! CHEERS!!

    1. You are probably right! I'm all about comfort when I'm going hog wild, hehe. One of the best things about Chicago is the fact that they have beer lists that rival the wine lists I used to see in LA! Do you have plans for Thursday yet?

  2. Yay for some purple and green combos! I personally think the shift dress looks awesome on you and that you can totally pull off that style!!! And I love that Tatyana dress. I keep wanting to take the plunge with that style (color or print undecided) but I just haven't yet. XO

    1. OMG this is seriously weird -- I just commented something very similar on your post tonight! I seriously LOVE that shade of plum with green!! Thanks for the encouragement about the shift dress -- it's such a versatile silhouette and there are always so many cute ones at J.Crew and other places!

      That Tatyana dress is seriously SO GOOD. The red color is amazing, too!