Friday, March 4, 2016

Le Bomb Shop is Le Bomb

First things first: sorry about the title of the post. I just couldn’t resist! Second: Happy Leap Day!

Anyway. I've reviewed a few skirts and dresses, but in today's post, I aim to top that by reviewing an entire online store, which sells lots of skirts! Le Bomb Shop has a wide selection of retro and pinup-inspired clothing, at a lower price point than most of the other online pinup shops I've found. They carry a variety of cute sundresses and swing skirts that I haven't seen on other sites, pinup-style tops that I've seen in a couple of other shops, and the MAK cropped cardigans that everyone in the world loves in twenty-three different colors. Shipping over $75 is free in the US, too, which is a pretty low threshold for free shipping compared to most online retailers. The only problem I've found with Le Bomb Shop is the limited size range (S-L) they have available in many of their dresses, skirts, and tops. The cardigans come in S-4X, however. 
Crossover pinup tank and cropped cardigan in the two colors I really want. They'd look great together, too. Yes, I know it isn't Wednesday yet. Technically, this isn't a wishlist, though!

I first came across Le Bomb Shop about a week before the Black Friday Sales, and placed my first order from them on Black Friday itself. My order arrived the following Monday, meaning that it only took three days for them to pack up my order and ship it halfway across the country during one of the busiest online-shopping weekends of the year. I ordered from them for a second time at the end of January, right before the shop moved from the West Coast to Florida, and once again, the shipping speed absolutely astonished me. My parcel was waiting next to my door less than 48 hours after I placed the order!
Everything I've bought from Le Bomb Shop, for a grand total of $176!

Overall, I've been very pleased with everything I've gotten from them. The quality seems pretty good, especially considering how inexpensive most of these pieces were. The pink sundress has smocking at the back, which, while it isn't my favorite thing in the world, is easy enough to overlook in a dress that cost a shade over $30. Some of the novelty-print dresses they sell look to be a bit shorter than I generally prefer, but the florals hit my 5'2" frame perfectly, just below the knee. 
The dress, sans petticoat
Worn with my trusty Malco Modes Jennifer petticoat.

The white cardigan is cute and fits well, but is a bit too thin and sheer to wear on its own unless I fancy showing off my undergarments. I generally wear it open, or buttoned just at the top to showcase the lace Peter Pan collar, as in this photo:

My favorites of this haul, aside from the MAK cardigans, are the circle skirts. The aqua circle skirt is made out of that soft, stretchy scuba-like material, and comes in red, baby pink, black, and charcoal.  The aqua was such a lovely vibrant hue that I just had to have it, even though red is usually my go-to hue. The zipper was a bit hard to work at first, but I rubbed it with wax paper and that helped a lot. It looks good with or without a petticoat, though I have to tuck the waistband of my 23" Malco Modes petticoat inside the skirt waistband if I don't want ruffles to peek out the bottom. But since my rose-colored petticoat looks great with the aqua, I actually like the flash of fluff at the bottom with some outfits.
Skirt and sweater: Le Bomb Shop
Tank: Banana Republic
Shoes: Ross Dress for Less
Belt: taken off my Pinup Girl Clothing Heidi dress

The black and white circle skirt is made out of a lightweight cotton with no stretch, and drapes like a dream, but you don't have to take my word for it: feast your eyes on this extravaganza of print-mixing and bright colors!
I am seriously in love with everything about this outfit! Everything but the belt and BB-8 brooch came from Le Bomb Shop.

Overal, I'm quite pleased with both of Le Bomb Shopping experiences: customer service replies to emails promptly, the clothes are pretty, well made, and fit nicely, and best of all, the prices are quite low for what you get. If they'd just carry more of their items in a full range of sizes, they'd be the perfect shop!

What are your favorite online retro-inspired/pinup-style retailers?


  1. I always forget about Le Bomb Shop and I'm soooo happy you did a review. All your pieces look great and now I need that mint skirt. AND it is budget friendly...unz unz unz!!

    Side note....were you ever a dancer??

    1. Yay, I love Le Bomb Shop! They have such cute dresses for amazing prices, too. The mint skirt is the perfect circle skirt. I've been tempted to get it in red for pretty much forever at this point, because it's comfy and hits at exactly the right spot.

      I was the world's worst ballet student for eight years; how did you guess??

  2. LOL because I was a dancer too and you can always spot others by their turn out! :p

    1. That's awesome! Whenever I pose with my feet together, I hear my old ballet teacher saying 'from the hips, turn out from the hips!"

    2. Right?! Oh my gosh...I hated that! I was always in my head screaming...I AMMMMM!!!!