Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Lindy Bop Sale Haul

If I'm honest with you, it's been years since I thought about ordering from Lindy Bop. When I first started wearing retro-reproduction, I snagged several Lindy Bop frocks from Amazon (because free shipping > paying for international shipping). Two of them were massively successful, but I ended up selling the other two because the skirts just weren't full enough for my taste and the shelf-bust styles they offer looked a bit awkward on me. But over Labor Day weekend, I found myself unable to resist the siren song of incredibly cheap dresses in adorable prints.

Turns out that this complete failure to exercise impulse control was actually a wonderful thing!

I'd been eyeing both of these prints on some of my Insta-pals for agessss, so I was absolutely delighted that both were still available in my size in my preferred style: the Marlene dress. $55 and one week later, I had both of these dresses in my hands, plus a T-shirt with dachshunds on it (!!!) and some winter-wonderland novelty print tights!

Sadly, the T-shirt was confusingly enormous relative to the size chart, but by some magic, both of the dresses fit over my pregnant belly just perfectly! I went with a UK14 in both, even though the size chart made me a bit nervous that they'd be too small in the bust. But in the past, I usually took a medium/UK12 in Lindy Bop when I was a bit smaller overall in addition to not being pregnant, so I crossed my fingers and went with one size up.

Lindy Bop Marlene Pink Safari Swing Dress
Lindy Bop Marlene Pink Safari Swing Dress review

I've found that Lindy Bop often (but not always!) runs a bit large relative to the size chart, and that's definitely the case in the Marlene style I'm wearing here. They measured 19.5" from armpit to armpit and 16.5" at the waist, making them perfect for hiking up over my baby bump and quite a bit bigger than the 37" bust and 32.3" waist measurements given in the size chart. Both also have a good deal of give to the fabric, which means they fit me well at a 40/41" bust and a 34" measurement in that tiny space between my bust and the top of my bump.

I really love the stretch cotton fabric both of these dresses are made from. It's soft but drapes well in the gathering of the skirt, and doesn't wrinkly easily. Owing to the give in the fabric and the higher neckline, these dresses are super comfy and perfect for a day at the office or a trek around the park, as I'm demonstrating in these photos.

Lindy Bop Marlene hot Pink yacht Swing Dress

Bonus: adjustable straps and pockets!

As you can probably tell from the goofily-pleased look on my face in these photos, I couldn't be happier with these dresses. I'm in love with the bright colors, the prints, and the classic sundress shape, and love how easy they are to throw on and go. At eight and a half months pregnant, a fun, easy look that makes me feel cute is rarer than hen's teeth!

The fact that they cost under $20 apiece is an incredible bonus. In the past few months, I've heard a lot of my pinup pals comment that Lindy Bop has really stepped it up, and I definitely agree! They're offering adorable prints in cute, wearable styles at one of the lowest price points I've seen for vintage reproduction, and the quality is excellent for the price as well.

Just add a cardigan and presto: work-appropriate AF!

Given that I've got a baby on the way any day now and babies are ridiculously expensive, I'll certainly be ordering more from Lindy Bop in the days to come!

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  1. Love both of these dresses, such a good deal too!!

    Soph | www.planetwhispers.blogspot.com

  2. you're looking so lovely! The colours are amazing. You got some great stuff for little money.
    Lea, xx

  3. Love both of these outfits! Especially the second dress. Such a great deal as wel

  4. Ohhh these dresses look gorgeous on you! You really do have such a eye for outfits! I can't believe how comfortable they look with you bump too!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  5. You look absolutely stunning in these outfits lovely! great fashion taste for sure and your bump is adorable! Xx


  6. Look at that beautiful glow, Emily!! I've been loving all my cotton dress Lindy Bop purchases from sales! They are perfect for casual wear :-)

  7. Wow, you are definitely rocking your pregnancy! You look gorgeous and these dresses really suit you, both the colours and the style. I think my favourite is the giraffes one but honestly, you look amazing! X


  8. You literally have the best photos & I know that so well from instagram! I love how happy you always look & theses dresses are so gorgeous & vibrant they'd make anyone smile! I never heard of this company before but maybe its worth checking out! xx


  9. Always love how happy you look in all your photos and with those deals I understand why! Looking beaut as always!

    Jessica & James | www.foodandbaker.co.uk / www.foodandbakertravels.co.uk

  10. The colours in the patterns on these dresses are so amazing! I love a bit of pink. They look great on you x

  11. You look amazing. I got really into Rockabilly fashion for a while but never had the courage for a dress. I opted for the girl greaser look instead (which I still LOVE) xx

    Jay / jayxoblogs.com

  12. I love both dresses as they are so colorful! However, my fav is the second one! I like the combination of colors better. You look absolutely stunning! xx corinne

  13. DAT BELLY!! You look amazing and these dresses are so cute - I love that hue of magenta on you!!!

  14. These dresses are so pretty! I think the 1st one has to be my favourite though
    Amy xx

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