Friday, June 2, 2017

25 Things About Me

Today I'm trying something a little new: I'm indulging that side of me that'll stay up until 3am taking Buzzfeed quizzes under the covers. (In case you're wondering: I'm mostly Gryffindor, my Game of Thrones alter ego is Jon Snow, and if I were a Lord of the Rings character, I'd be Gimli. Accurate!) I was nominated to do the '25 things about me' questionnaire by Kirstie of The Kirstie View! Thanks for the tag, Kirstie, and here goes!

bernie dexter rocket dress
1) What is your middle name?
My middle name is Rachel. Apparently, it means 'lamb,' which has always made me happy since lambs are my all-time favorite animal!

2) What was your favorite subject at school?
Prior to college, I hated them almost equally, because K-12 education is stultifying at best. If band counts, that was far and away my favorite; if not, I did have a slight preference for English. Once I got to college, political theory blew everything else out of the water!

3) What is your favorite drink?
Well, seeing as I can't drink for the foreseeable future (you owe me, future child!), I'll have to say the green tea latte from Starbucks. So basic, yet so delicious!

4) What is your favorite song at the moment?
That sound you just heard is the sound of my head exploding after far too much time thinking about this question. I have been listening to 'Deep Blue' by the Arcade Fire nonstop for the past couple of weeks, though. Garry Kasparov gets a shoutout in that song!

5) What is your favorite food?
Do I really have to choose just one? It's a toss-up between New York pizza and watermelon, with carnitas a close second.

6) What is the last thing you bought?
A watermelon tutu for the baby from H+M. Wait, I lied -- the last thing I bought was actually a super-sugary coffee drink.

7) What is your favorite book of all time?
Lord of the Rings. No question. I used to reread it every single year, and rereading it feels like going home. (But let me just say this: the runner-up tier is packed with so many books that I love almost as much: Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice...)

8) What is your favorite color?
A vibrant, mid-tone hunter green. But to wear: red!

trashy diva lena picnic dress red

9) Do you have any pets?
No. Instead, I have allergies. Sadly, they're not as cuddly.

10) What is your favorite perfume?
My favorite perfume hasn't changed since I was eleven years old. Gap Dream is where it's at!

11) What is your favorite holiday you've been on?
This one's a toughie. Our honeymoon in Vegas was a truly magical time, though for sheer bucket list-slaying, lifelong-dream-level excitement, I might have to go with our trip to Cambridge in fall 2016.

12) Are you married?
Very happily!

13) Have you been out of the country?
I have indeed! My first time abroad was during college, when I spent a semester in Japan. I also spent close to a month traveling around China that year. I've been to both Canada and Mexico (NAFTA achievement unlocked!) and last year I finally visited the UK!

Kings College Cambridge chapel

14) Can you speak any other language?
I speak terrible Japanese and marginally better German.

15) Do you have any siblings?
Yes, I have a younger sister.

She's quite tall!

16) What is your favorite shop?
Ok, since shopping is basically a full-contact sport for me, this is a tough question. My favorite place to shop in person is probably H+M, because the accessories department is a goldmine and I always find unexpected things there. I used to be a big Banana Republic fan back when I was still teaching. It would be sort of impossible to choose a favorite online shop, but at the moment I'd say it's a tie between Trashy Diva and Bernie Dexter.

17) What is your favorite restaurant?
Without a doubt, it's Capriccio's Pizza in my hometown. Not fancy, but I'd take it over any other place in the world!

18) When was the last time you cried?
Sometimes I think I should get one of those 'it has been X hours since the last crying fit' signs. Not days. Hours.

19) What is your favorite blog?
What an impossibly difficult question!

20) What is your favorite movie?
As any right-thinking Star Wars fan knows, the Empire Strikes Back is the best movie of all time.

21) What are your favorite TV shows?
Game of Thrones, naturally, and Jeopardy, because I'm a little old lady trapped in a thirtysomething body.

Ain't no shade like Jeopardy! shade.

22) PC or Mac?
I'm a Mac from my iPod to my phone to my computer.

23) What phone do you have?
It's an iPhone 6S with the largest possible hard drive. Do phones actually have hard drives? Well, it has the most memory I could buy at the time, because I'm a digital hoarder.

24) How tall are you?
In the eyes of the state, I'm 5'3, but honestly, I'm closer to 5'2.

25) Can you cook?
I am in fact capable of taking raw ingredients and turning them into meals that can be consumed safely. If this is asking whether I can cook well... um, I'm not the one to ask! Jeff and my mother seem to think I do alright, though.

This was so much fun! I hope you've enjoyed learning a little more about me, and I'm going to tag a few of my blogger pals on Twitter to do 25 things about them!

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  1. What fun facts. It's a pleasure to meet other fans of Jeopardy, GoT, etc. The photos are really cute, too.

    1. Thank you! And Jeopardy is probably the finest show on television every day.

  2. LOL - Have I told you that you are the cutest <3

  3. I am Mac Too! Always! I love Star Wars too! Such great movies! I haven't read the Lord of The Rings though! I heard the description were quite lengthy. My fav class at school was history! xx corinne

    1. You're totally right -- the descriptions in Lord of the Rings go on for ages. When I was a kid, I'd ask my mom to skip them, but I've come to appreciate them now. And YESSS history is awesome!

  4. Lovely post and a great way to get to know you more! My fave colour is a green to as it symbolises the nature!

    1. Thank you so much, Ayse!

      And that's something I love about green, too. It's made me appreciate springtime so much more to notice my favorite color emerging all over Chicago from beneath the snow and mud.

  5. Great post. I love the idea of this questionnaire. By the way, you really suit red :) x

    1. Thank you so much! I was so excited to get tagged and do it! And I really love wearing red :D.

  6. Congrats on the pregnancy! I love your sense of humour in this post. I never knew Rachel meant lamb!

    1. Aw, thank you! My partner and I are both just so excited to be parents (and also a tiny bit scared, but mostly excited.) And lambs are my favorite animal, so I've always liked that bit of serendipity!

  7. I love posts like this, such a nice way to get to know bloggers! Congratulations on the pregnancy, I can't wait to see this watermelon tutu!!!
    Hels xx

    1. This post was so much fun to write! I don't know why I waited so long to do one like this. And thank you so much -- I can't wait to meet this baby and dress her up in bright, fluffy dresses!

  8. This was such a lovely post to read. I like when you get to know the blogger behind the scene :).
    Lea, xx

    1. Thank you! I enjoy seeing a window into someone's life and interests too, and I'm glad this was an enjoyable post to read, because it was such a blast to write!

  9. I appreciate how much pizza you love hahaha and watermelon! 😋😋 x
    Lola Mia //

    1. Pizza really is my one true love! But you can't beat watermelon in spring/summer. And I think I prefer watermelon-printed dresses to pizza ones!

  10. I really enjoyed reading this! I love your writing style and your fashion sense is is just gorgeous, I love it. Also high five for Lord of the Rings!
    Juliet |

    1. That's so kind of you, Juliet -- thank you so much! After spending almost a decade in academia, it's nice to sit down and just write naturally.

      Lord of the Rings is such a beautiful, engrossing, emotionally impactful book! I'm so glad I read them before seeing the movies, so I'll always have that memory of finding things out through the words on the page.

  11. I love wearing red too! Its great to find out about bloggers this way!


    1. Red is just such a vibrant, powerful color! And it was so much fun to write this post, because I love reading them too!

  12. I had to go back a little way to leave you a comment.. I love how you've answered this tag. Jeopardy sounds cool; I wish we had a UK version!