Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wishlist Wednesday #9

This week's wish list is a pretty eclectic mix: rainbows, more picnic-esque dresses, a DVD, some flamingos, and a purse that looks like an elegant Tudor-style house, among other things. Join me in drooling over the following lovely items:

$25 and Under
This rainbow brooch is so perfect, and there's even a matching necklace. It's just so cheerful and vibrant, and I want it SO MUCH.
This movie was on TV last week and I missed it. This is obviously a gross miscarriage of justice on the universe's part. I read the book forever ago and loved it, so I'd like to see the movie and compare them.

$50 and Under
I'm not sure what I'd wear this sweater with, but just look at the awesome harlequin pattern and tell me I shouldn't buy it!
This necklace has watermelons and strawberries on it. Obviously, I am in love. If Erstwilder's necklaces are anywhere as nice as their brooches, then this is probably the most perfect fruit-themed necklace on the planet.

$100 and Under
This skirt reminds me a little of that time I went on a boat on the lake at Disney World, because I saw flamingos then. I really like the colors of this print, and the flamingos are drawn in a neat way. One really cannot have too many gathered full skirts!
Sometimes I forget that Boden exists for a while, and then remember and find a million things that I want, like this sundress. Is it summer yet? Can I pretend that it is, buy this dress, and wear it everywhere?

Whenever I Want to Contemplate Infinitude, I Check My Bank Account
I missed out on Modcloth's truly epic midcentury house-print dresses, but this dress, with its vaguely Italian-terrace-city-looking print would be an excellent consolation prize!
I am super into this bag, and it's not just because the name reminds me of the lyrics to Trogdor's theme song. Tudor-style houses are actually my favorite!

What's on your wishlist this spring?


  1. Oh my gerd....that Flamingo skirt!!!!

    1. I know… I'm so into the colors and the print and everything about it!!

  2. What a cute purse, wow! And that rainbow brooch is great!

    1. Aren't the colors on that brooch just amazing? I want to get the set, give the necklace to my sister, and keep the brooch for me! (Luckily she rarely reads my blog; otherwise the surprise would be blown!)

  3. Love that dress with the houses! I have an Erstwilder necklace (I've never debuted it before) and I think it's fairly quality! Great picks as always! XO

    1. Thank you! Which one do you have? I'm so bad about changing my necklace, but it's good to hear that Erstwilder makes quality ones, just in case I get up the gumption ;).

      Feel better!!! I'm so excited for our new Bernies :D!

  4. Hey Emily,
    Thanks so much for featuring my rainbow brooch! :D Your blog is super. :)
    Thanks again,
    Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes

    1. Thanks, Sally!! You make the cutest jewelry and badges/stickers! I love all the sassy feminist designs, too!