Friday, August 19, 2016

Iron Gate Dress and Ironclad Habits

Even though I utterly despise heat and humidity, I must admit that Chicago really comes alive in the summer. It seems like there's a festival or two every weekend, and every public space is absolutely crawling with people! Jeff and I have been joining the crowds more often than usual, taking in some of the attractions that we hadn't visited yet and crossing more restaurants off of our list.

I'm definitely a creature of habit. I've seen Star Wars upwards of 75 times, because I prefer to watch movies that I know I love rather than taking a risk on an unknown quantity. I buy the same cheese every time we have bread and cheese night, because Cambozola is the best cheese that has ever existed and I can't stand the risk of substandard cheese. I buy multiple colorways of my favorite dresses and skirts (for more evidence of this, see here and here, here and here, or here and here). When I like something, I really like it!

effie's heart iron gate
Even though I'm terrible at breaking routines, reading new books, watching movies I haven't seen before, or listening to new albums, I enjoy going places that I've never been before. Sometimes, I have to admit, it can be a bit of a struggle to overcome my instinct to seek familiar favorites, though.

Case in point: this Effie's Heart dress. I have it in three other prints (lemons, purple abstract floral, and plaid), yet when I saw the Iron Gate print on Modcloth, I had to add a fourth to my collection. I'm a huge fan of everything about this dress: this shade of green, the scroll print, and most importantly, the fact that this dress is comfy as all get-out. My Effie's Heart dresses are in regular weekday rotation because the neckline is high enough for work, they're made of a lovely jersey that is extra comfortable for sitting at a desk, and they have sizable pockets.
The truest meme that ever meme'd.

Getting the dress, however, was a bit of an odyssey. I played the waiting-for-it-to-go-on-sale game at Modcloth and lost, to my thankfully-temporary heartbreak: it sold out in my size, as well as the next size up, before going on sale. It wasn't on the Effie's Heart site, so I thought I'd missed my chance. Much self-flagellation ensued. But just when all seemed lost, it turned up on Pinup Girl Clothing's site, just in time for the July 4 site wide sale!

Reader, I ordered it. (Reader, I never get tired of that joke.)

Effie's Heart Guest of Honor Iron Gate

These dresses come with a matching fabric sash, and while that's a comfortable way to define your waist, I decided to add a bit of flair with the belt from my red Lana dress. Red and green: not just for Christmastime anymore! I accessorized with my newest Atomic Lucite earrings, which have red and green sparkles in a lovely shape that echoes the print, as well as my new go-to bag for work. I'd admired Rough Seas Designs' bags for ages, but didn't take the plunge until most of my favorites started selling out, prompting major FOMO, which happily coincided with a 25% off site-wide sale.

I'm quite happy with the bag, so much so that I've since picked up two wristlets secondhand. It's nice and roomy, and while the bright colors of the fruit make it easy to coordinate with so many things in my wardrobe, the sparkly black background keeps it work-friendly.

rough seas designs booklet bag

One of these days, I'll go crazy and order a different style from Effie's Heart, but for now, I feel like sticking to my favorite style is working well for me.

How do you keep yourself from getting too stuck in a routine?

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  1. That dress looks great on you. That's awesome that there's so much to do in Chicago in the summer!
    Ha, I totally relate to this post! I am absolutely a creature of habit! I've always been that way. I'm that way with food and clothing, more than anything else.

  2. Girl, don't even get me started about cheese. May I humbly suggest Humboldt Fog? Definitely my current fave! I'm totally a creature of habit at restaurants...I always WANT to try something new, but I know I like the other thing SO MUCH that wouldn't I be sad if I didn't have it??

  3. I love that bag! So cute!

    If a dress really works for you, why not buy it in multiple prints? Seriously, why? Someone tell me. (maybe I'd save money if someone could tell me.)

  4. You need to sell me that irongate dress!!!!!

    1. If I ever decide to let it go, I will definitely let you know!