Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tiki Tuesday #2: PUG Alfreda Dress

I'm having a major tiki moment right now. Maybe it's the summer heat, which feels almost tropical with all the humidity we've been having, but more likely, it's because I've finally realized that tiki-themed prints have always been perfect. Big bold florals, kitchsy novelty prints, and wearable wooden jewelry? Yes, please! The original tiki-print Jenny skirt was my secondhand-PUG Holy Grail, and it's one of my most-loved articles of clothing.

pinup girl clothing alfreda dress
Happily for me (and somewhat less happily for my financial state/overstuffed closet), Pinup Girl Clothing is seriously winning at tiki right now, and I have a feeling that they're just getting started. One of the most exciting pieces they've released so far, in my opinion, was the new Alfreda dress in Baton Rouge Floral. The Alfreda is a stunning dress that doesn't seem to pop up on the swap and sell page all that often, so despite my best efforts, I've never been able to get my hands on the parrot-print version from 2014. Thus, when I heard it was coming back, I was pumped. When I saw the first photos of the new print, I pretty much lost my mind.

I ordered it the day it was released, and settled in for the sort of waiting that feels interminable because you know the dress is going to be perfect and just want to get it on your body already. On Friday afternoon, I got the notification that my package had arrived, and dragged poor Jeff up to the Fedex in our neighborhood to pick it up because I just couldn't stand to wait another day. As soon as we got home, I ripped it open and threw it on even though it was approximately one million degrees and 99% relative humidity in my apartment.

pinup girl clothing tiki alfreda dress

It's a total showstopper of a dress. I can tell that I'll wear this one into the ground, even though it's not especially work-friendly. I ordered my usual large and it fits me perfectly. Since I'm petite, I was a little concerned that it might gape at the shoulders and upper back (#shorttorsoproblems), but amazingly, it fits me well. I'm often a bit leery of designs involving a bust shelf, but this one works well for the bustier gal and feels quite supportive. This is a good thing, since the shoulders are quite wide-set and rest on the edges of your shoulders, which is usually a recipe for disaster on me.

pinup girl clothing alfreda dress baton rouge floral
I have collarbones for days in this dress.

The bodice of the dress is lined, which makes it extra comfortable against my skin but a little warm on a hot, humid day. The extra warmth will come in handy as soon as this interminable heat wave ends and Chicago returns to its true freezing-and-windy form, though. The bust is constructed in a somewhat unusual way that I don't quite know how to explain, other than by telling you that there is a literal boob pocket (which is awesome! I'm going to store all kinds of things in there). The purple bust portion is connected to fabric that's fastened at the waist seam, and the curved underbust part that flows into the straps/sleeves overlaps with it. I'm not sure if that makes any sense, so here's a photo:

The skirt is quite full, and while it's not quite a full circle-skirt, it fits one of my extra-poofy Malco Modes petticoats easily. The pockets are large enough to engulf my iPhone 6, just the way I like 'em.

pug alfreda dress
pug tiki alfreda dress

In person, the print is more of a lime color than the bright banana yellow of the photos on PUG's site, which is actually more flattering with my coloring. I guess I'll have to keep hunting for the perfect Lakers-pride dress. The print is absolutely stunning in person: the shades in the leaves are beautiful and gave the print real depth, and I like the purple of the bust a lot more than I ever thought I'd like a contrast-color bust.

The only thing about this dress that's less than perfect is the zipper, which is rather short and makes it rather difficult to put this dress on and take it off. My bust and hips are both 39" and I have to be seriously careful when wiggling it up over either of those, since the zipper isn't long enough to open wide enough under the bodice.

I'm so pleased that I got my hands on this gorgeous dress, and am waiting with baited breath for the next wave of tiki-themed releases! The new Vera swing dress in the mint tiki print is totally calling my name...

What's on your summer must-have list?

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  1. This is so pretty on you! Tiki prints are pretty great! Love the shoes with this too! XO

    1. Thank you! Tiki is my latest obsession! I'm curious to hear your thoughts on PUG's tiki collection. I'm excited for my mint tiki Little Jun skirt… it was supposed to arrive today, but it hasn't :(.

  2. Replies
    1. Haha, I totally stole this term from some of my fellow Bernie Dexter fans, who use it to refer to the Paris dress.

  3. Not work appropriate? I disagree! The gals are covered, it's got short sleeves - YOU'RE GOOD! Hahah perhaps my work attire preferences are a bit looser than some but I say wear to work all you want! I'ts lovely!

    1. These are all excellent points -- I'm surprised by how good the bust coverage is in this dress. Considering that I wore my Mums Kelly to the conference I planned, I'd say my workwear standards are pretty relaxed as well. I'll give it a shot!