Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wishlist Wednesday #15

Whew, I've really been falling down on the wish list-creating job. Between Eating All the Things, super-exciting blogger collaborations, and my tikitastic new dresses, I've just had so many things to blog about, and haven't quite been able to fit a wishlist post in. However, when I saw some of Bernie Dexter's new releases, I had to showcase my favorites in a wishlist post!

$25 and Under
I just got my first Splendette bangles, and I think it's the beginning of a beautiful habit. This lovely green bangle with leaf motif would complement my Mahjong and Cranes Trashy Diva dresses, and would provide a lovely contrast with the Bernie Dexter dress that inspired this post!
I am ever-so-slightly petticoat-obsessed, and this pretty Swiss-dot number from Lindy Bop is a gorgeous departure from my normal Malco Modes chiffon. At this price, it's worth taking a gamble!

$50 and Under

I have a soft spot for Minnie Mouse dresses, and between the polka dots, the perfect red, and the lovely neckline of this Le Bomb Shop dress, I'm head-over-heels! Bonus: it's named for one of my favorite bloggers!
Today, I read an article that advised women to find garments that work for them and buy them in multiple colors. Ok, I'll play that game! I have this red circle skirt in aqua and it is perfect, comfortable, and totally easy to style, so clearly I need to catch 'em all, starting with the red version!

$100 and Under
The first dozen or so times that I saw the pink ribbons petite Jenny skirt from Pinup Girl Clothing, I was underwhelmed. Florals and pastels aren't my usual jam, after all. However, three crucial things changed my mind: 1) I saw it on Penny Snark; 2) One of the ladies in a FB group I'm part of posted her Ella in this print with an olive cropped cardigan; and 3) hello, it comes in petite length and has pockets!! Now I am obsessed.
A funny thing happens when the temperature dips below 55 degrees: I start craving muted jewel tones, plaid, and wooly skirts. This circle skirt from Heart of Haute meets all three of these cravings quite nicely.

You Can't Take it With You
This gorgeous Kelly dress from Bernie Dexter is the one that compelled me to do a wishlist. I absolutely love map-themed prints, and the background of this dress is basically the perfect red! Oh, and you might not have heard or anything like that, but the Kelly might be the greatest dress of all time… Anyway, I definitely need to get this one!
It's beginning to feel like a Wishlist Wednesday post just isn't complete without a strawberry print, and this stunning wiggle dress from Stop Staring is made of fruit-print perfection!

What's on your wishlist these days?

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  1. Life is a bit too hectic to blog at the I am living through all yours! I am IN LOVE with that Stop Staring wiggle...I mean...look at it!!!

    1. You are seriously killing it with your wiggle game lately -- they look freaking AMAZING on you! I have a feeling you'd rock this one, too.

      Sending you lots of hugs and hoping the hectic-ness calms down soon <3.

    2. Thanks Love....hugs received and I love, love, love them!!
      I saw strawberry earrings and thought of you. I think I may have to purchase them and send the to you :D

  2. Sorry not sorry ;) It really is a great skirt! I highly recommend it.

    1. I'm keeping a weather eye on my email for tomorrow's mystery announcement, since I 100% intend to buy the bejesus out of this skirt!

      Annnnnd I might've just bought the Bernie...