Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Guest Post at the Museum Pinup

It's my great pleasure to give you some more exciting guest-blogging news: today I have a post up at the lovely Miss Ani Holly's blog, The Museum Pinup! Head on over there to read about life in a natural-history museum, and see what I came up with to represent #museumlife in outfit form!
Here's a hint…can you guess the dress?
If you haven't read Ani's blog, you are seriously missing out. She's basically the gold medalist in the blogging all-around (um, yes I'm a little addicted to the Olympics): she has unerringly good style, amazing hair and makeup skills, an incredibly kind and supportive way of treating others, and an encyclopedic knowledge of art.

What's most impressive to me about her blog, though, is how amazing she is at teaching her readers about art history through fashion. One of the hardest things about teaching is to be rigorous about a subject you love dearly whilst also keeping your audience totally engaged, and Ani nails this combination. She's an excellent writer and I get so excited every time she updates her blog!

Here's a link to my guest post; let me know what you think, and be sure to check out her incredible art-inspired outfits!

Who are your favorite pinup-style bloggers?

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