Thursday, August 11, 2016

Lucky 13

Today, I feel like telling a story that has absolutely nothing to do with the outfit in this post, and no logical connection to a style blog. (Even as I typed that sentence, my brain was busily trying to think of a connection between the outfit and the story. Read on to see whether I succeeded at this...)
cowboy kate dress
My face = thoughts on a truly epic fascinator. OH. There's the outfit-story connection: the story stars my mother, who loves hair flowers! Tenuous? Oh, absolutely! But I'm sticking to it.
Dress: Lucky 13, from Pinup Girl Clothing
Shoes: Zulily
Petticoat: Malco Modes Samantha in Ruby Red
Hair flower: Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Brooch: Atomic Lucite

My family used to have an ice-cream store called Sweet Cravings. (!!! I know! It was exactly as wonderful as you'd think to grow up in an ice-cream and candy shop.) My mother's parents opened Sweet Cravings a few years before I was born, and in the initial days, my mother and all her siblings would help out behind the counter.

Before I go any further, you should know one thing about my mom: the character of Dory is her spirit animal. She's happy, and the warmest, kindest person you'll ever meet, but she's also a little forgetful.

So sometime in the early 1980s, my mother was working behind the counter on a busy summer evening, and an older woman came in and ordered a banana split. My mother painstakingly crafted what I've no doubt was the most aesthetically pleasing banana split known to humanity, passed it to the woman, and continued to help customers.

A few minutes later, Banana Split Lady returned, and caught my mother's attention. Very sweetly, the woman informed my mother that there was a slight problem, with the following line: "I looked and looked, but I just couldn't find the banana!"
What my mother''s face probably looked like (artist's rendering)

And that, dear reader, is the tale of the Banana-less Banana Split.

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  1. HAHA! Love it! Also, oh my god you grew up with an ice cream shop in your family. Did they close?

    I love this outfit - it may be one of my favorites on you! As you know, I am partial to this very petticoat, so I may be a bit bias, but it just rocks all around! Red is such a good accent/detail color!

    1. Unfortunately, the family ice cream shop closed about a decade ago :(. It had a very good run, though!

      Thank you so much -- I love this dress so much more than I thought I would when I first tried it on. I guess a comfy swing dress in giant gingham is basically tailor-made for me, though. And I *totally* agree: red is the perfect accent color!

  2. LOL this is the best story I've heard all day!!! Thank you for sharing <3

    1. This story makes me laugh every time I think about it! <3!!

  3. Oh my gosh, that's too funny! Your mom sounds like such an endearing lady :-)

    Also, your dress is AMAZING! I love love the gingham! Love!

    1. She really, really is! Her coworkers at the preschool she works at call her the Toddler Whisperer.

      Thank you so much! Gingham is such a perfect pattern. <3!

  4. Hi Emmy, it's Mom! I loved your very accurate description of my surprise! Banana Split (surprise! No banana!). Once I got over the shock of my schlocky handiwork, I added the banana, more ice cream, sauce, whippety, sprinkles and cherries to try to make up for the sweet lady's disappointment. I got teased about that for a long time! P.S. I love your beautiful outfit, and especially, your hair flowers!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Yes, we have NO BANANAS! I'm glad to do my part in broadcasting this story to the internet ;). It's such a classic tale!

      I knew you'd like the hair flowers -- this one is MASSIVE, and of course, it's from the same Australian shop as the ones I got for you.

      When I'm home next, we should try to figure out why your comments show up as John H. It's a total mystery!

  5. Ha ha ha, my face looked exactly like Sebastion's! :)