Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Red, White, and Hearts and Found

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! I've honestly felt more conflicted than usual about celebrating the Fourth this year, and I wasn't even sure if I wanted to mark the holiday with a post. As I said last year, I'm not much of a flag-waver.

hearts and found elizabeth dress

Please note: space-exploration-related anniversaries are the exception to this rule. Seriously, folks, just think about humans landing on the moon and try not to feel proud of what our society was once able to accomplish! And don't tell anyone, but whenever I listen to the Apollo 8 Christmas broadcast and think about what it meant to the Cold-War-era world at the end of a very tumultuous 1968, I might just tear up.

But given everything that's happened in the ensuing year (read: Tr*mp's election and resultant international embarrassments, policy missteps, and general coarsening of public discourse), I'm even more convinced that constructive dissent, rather than blind adulation, is the correct stance for me to take.

Boy, I've really come out swinging today, haven't I?

I've written quite a bit on my feelings about our current president, so I won't belabor the point once again here. Instead, I'll try to be constructive and focus on what I think we can all do as individuals to make America a kinder, more welcoming place again.

hearts and found elizabeth dress russian red print
This is my most welcoming face!

First of all, if you don't like some proposed policy, call your representative! It literally takes less than a minute to call and tell them what you think about the Muslim ban/voter-intimidation efforts/proposed cuts to Medicaid/removal of protections for preexisting health conditions. If you don't know who to call, just call the Capitol switchboard at (202)224-3121 and they'll connect you to the right office!

Second, practice civility when you debate with others. Don't stoop to the level of a Twitter troll! Instead, ask questions and listen to find common ground. If you can't find it, cut your losses and move on.

Third, find a cause you hold dear and volunteer your time to make a difference! In this era of budget cuts, it doesn't have to be about an obviously political cause, either. Are you an animal person? Go volunteer at a shelter. Do you like making people happy? Sign up to visit a nursing home!

As for waving the flag: it still isn't my thing, and probably won't ever be. But at the very least, here I am in a red dress with a bit of white and some blue accents.

Clearly I'm super pleased with this stealth baby-bump action.

This outfit isn't quite up to the red-white-and-blue level of last year's Fourth of July outfit, or even the nautical-meets-patriotic look from Election Day, but I truly adore this dress. It's the Elizabeth from Hearts and Found in the Russian Red folk border print, and as vibrant as it looks in photos, that's nothing compared to how lovely the colors are in person! I'm honestly tempted to get this same print in a skirt, because it's that pretty.

I'm eagerly awaiting my most recent Hearts and Found order, and already thinking about what I'll get next. Maybe a halter, for general ease of wearing while breastfeeding? Maybe a gathered-bust dress, because they're pretty? Let's be real: most likely I'll order both!

hearts and found russian red folk print dress

I hope all of you have a lovely Fourth of July, and if you've got any exciting plans, please leave me a comment and let me know what you're up to!

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  1. Your suggestions are spot on, Emily. Call your representative, volunteer for a cause you hold dear...and for goodness sake don't be a Twitter troll. :) This is a fabulously subtle 4th of July outfit as well. It's such a pretty floral dress! Also, I have to look really, really hard to tell you have a baby bump! I forget you're pregnant sometimes, haha. I hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July, Emily! :)

    1. Thank you, Lindsey! I just don't think trolling or venting about politics will create lasting positive change. It was a little scary the first time I called my representatives, but it gets easier so fast!

      And thank you so much! Can you believe I went for subtle? There's a first time for everything ;). And high-waisted dresses are bump camouflage! Hope you're having a good Fourth in Argentina!

  2. I love how you blend politics with your vintage style in this post! As a politics student, I commend you on this post; we may not agree with policy whatever country you reside in, but we do need to speak up, and make places far more welcoming than they are currently.

    Lydia, Mademoisellewomen.wordpress.com

    1. Thank you so much! I was actually thinking of you as I was writing this. I just can't keep politics completely off my blog, but I can (try to) focus on the things that apply to all of us no matter our political party or particular views.

  3. what a stunning dress, and happy 4th of July! couldn't agree more with your advice and beliefs, you need to speak up, everyone has a voice

    Hannah @ The Northern Writes | www.thenorthernwrites.co.uk

    1. Thank you so much! And I think being silent is the only way to do democracy wrong. We have the right to free speech and to a vast assortment of public involvement, and we shouldn't squander that right!

  4. I agree with you about his tr*mpyness, gotta try and both rise above the trolls (so no swearing I guess :( ) whilst also showing that the stuff he's doing is NOT OKAY. I have a friend who moved over to America 5 years ago and I do worry about him and his family but I think he's probably fine. He's braver than me!
    I love your dress by the way (as always). I had a dress so like this once and I basically wore it and wore it until it was rags. Love that thing I did.

    1. It's a very hard thing for me to remember, but it's important to keep in mind that people will discount the things said in anger more easily than things said calmly and assertively! The things he's doing are DEFINITELY not ok, though...

      Thank you so much! I'd love to know where you got your dress like this. It's so sad when a beloved piece of clothing wears out!