Friday, July 22, 2016

The Lilac Atomic Age

After Wednesday's epic-length ode to Apollo 11, you might've thought I had run out of words, but never fear: I've got an infinite supply of things to say! 

I've been on a total Trashy Diva kick lately, but as I said in my review of the previous collection, it's because they've been absolutely stellar lately. I chose the word 'stellar' on purpose, as today I'm reviewing the new Lilac Atomic Trixie Dress, with its awesome space-age print. I wore this dress out and about for an afternoon of fun with Jeff, so I had a built-in photographer to take advantage of all the amazing backdrops Chicago has to offer. This was more exciting than you might think!
Trashy Diva Lilac Atomic

Once again, I'm wearing my lovely atomic boomerang, which I'd say was tailor-made for this print if it hadn't been made and sent to me before Trashy Diva unveiled the new print. The blue of the brooch picks up the blue in the print in a way that I really like, and I'm still totally obsessed with the rocket and the little gems along the top.
The University of Chicago campus is full of beautiful architecture.
A surprise mural in the West Loop = another impromptu photoshoot!

I went with the medium in this dress, after my disastrous attempt to size down in the Mahjong Trixie.  The medium was absolutely the right call for me. Measured flat, the waist of this dress is 14" across unstretched and 16" or so fully stretched, and the bust is 17" unstretched and 19" stretched to the max. There are also some darts in the bust that are difficult to measure, which makes it a comfortable fit on my 39" bust.
Taking the Trixie to work: just add cardigan, and then stand next to the actual skull of the world's most complete T-Rex. Oh, and do a T-Rex pose.

This may be called the Trixie mini, but of course, on my 5'2" frame, even a minidress is knee-length, which means I'm pretty pleased with the length. The pleating at the top jazzes up the neckline without showing off anything I'd rather not show, which is why I chose the Trixie over the other two dresses in this collection. As I found out earlier this week, this dress is work-appropriate as long as 1) you wear a cardigan, as I did, and 2) you're fairly petite. The cotton fabric is somewhat stretchy and substantial, yet breathable enough to comfortably wear when it's 95 degrees and humid out, as it was when I wore it to work on my birthday this week.

Overall, I give this one two very enthusiastic thumbs up, and I'm so excited to see what else is in store for 2016 from Trashy Diva!
Trashy Diva Lilac Atomic Trixie mini dress
Trashy Diva Lilac Atomic Trixie mini

Jeff is going out of town tomorrow, and I'll be alone in our apartment for the first time since we started living together. I plan to eat very odd meals and binge-rewatch Game of Thrones. If you live with a partner, what do you do differently when they go out of town?

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  1. Oh my god - I have rituals when Cody is away!! He usually plays hockey on Tuesday nights and he doesn't get home until after midnight so it's my night to eat foods he doesn't like and watch "my" movies on Netflix. He hates my preference for indie movies so I get to indulge on Tuesdays haha! There were a few weeks where he didn't go to hockey and I started to get annoyed. "Dude, get out of here, my queue is getting backed up!" ;)

    1. Oh my gosh YES -- I have so many TV shows that Jeff doesn't like, so I can totally relate to this! It's good that you can both pursue your individual interests at once :).

      Your comment reminded me that I need to watch Pride and Prejudice this week!

  2. 1. I need trashy diva in my life.
    2. I don't really do anything different, I just don't shave lol

    1. Trashy Diva is amazing and I don't shave, either!