Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Trashy Diva Mahjong Annette

After a week of pre-wedding whirlwind action and another week of honeymoon food-stravaganza-ing, I have an enormous backlog of Things I/We Did to blog about! Today, I'm going with a dress that's been on my to-do list for weeks: my new Trashy Diva Annette in Mahjong. Spoiler alert: I'm obsessed. Bonus: these photos were taken after my wedding hair trial!
trashy diva annette mahjong
I've always loved how the Annette style looks on basically everyone, but after seeing my most-wanted prints on the lovely Bristol, I was absolutely dying for Trashy Diva to release new Annettes so I could get one for myself! Well, they've been on a roll lately. After a couple of collections that didn't really do much for me, they've released two amazing new prints in the past month, both with Annette or Annette-adjacent variants! I ordered this one on the day it was released, because FOMO is a powerful, powerful  enabling force.

The Mahjong collection is made of a lovely lightweight cotton voile, which is quite wrinkle-resistant and very comfortable. In these photos, I'm wearing it right out of the package, and there's nary a wrinkle in sight! Since there's not really any stretch in this fabric, I sized up to a 10, and it fits me quite comfortably at 39"-30.5"-who even cares about hip measurements when all I ever wear are full skirts. I've found that Trashy Diva's size charts tend to be a bit generous, and after consulting some of my TD mavens, decided the 10 was the way to go.

This would be my new favorite dress if I hadn't received my most recent Trashy Diva purchase yesterday; it's currently tied for first. I wore it nonstop during my weekends on Shelter Island before and during the wedding (please don't judge me!), and it was a total MVP! It has lovely deep pockets that are large enough for my iPhone 6 and car keys, adjustable straps (a.k.a. a petite woman's best friend), an amazing print, and a lovely lined bodice and gathered skirt that falls just where I want it to fall. Honestly, I should probably stop talking about it and let the photos speak for themselves.

As I mentioned, these photos were taken right after I had my wedding hair trial! It was the first time since my friend's sister's wedding in 2009 that I had my hair done, and while I felt like Wedding = Updo, I seriously hate how I look with my hair up and do it only under extreme duress/when it's uncomfortably hot out. I waffled between wearing it up to avoid being a sweaty mess at my own wedding and wearing it down to feel prettier, until I realized that I'd wind up a sweaty mess no matter what and went with my gut about 30 seconds before my hair trial began. I felt very Margaery Tyrell with this hair and think I definitely made the right call!

All of these photos were taken by my mom, who refuses to get a smartphone and still has an ancient flip phone with an 0-9 keypad but displays excellent iPhone-photography skills. (Thanks, Mom!) My sister Ronnie also had her hair done, in a similar but slightly less elaborate version of the sort-of braided crown I went for, and then we posed for a million photos before she got sick of being in the sun and we went home.
trashy diva annette dress
Posing in front of the salon.
Not pictured: the can of hairspray that gave its life so that this curls might live through a 5k run/walk later that day.
"Please hurry, the sun is hurting me!"
Facing away from the sun?!? What sorcery is this???
Sometimes I get irrationally enraged that stupid fedoras have forever ruined 'milady' outside of a Game of Thrones context, and thus I cannot use it to caption curtsey photos.
My glamorous Little Big sister!
trashy diva mahjong annette dress
This mid-sentence photo either belongs here or in a future outtakes post.

Dress: Trashy Diva Mahjong Annette (more sizes available from Retroglam)
Shoes: Ross Dress for Less
Earrings: Atomic Lucite

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming review on the newest addition to the Trashy Diva print family: Red Fans!

Also, am I losing my mind, or is this dress as work-friendly as I think it is?

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  1. Totally work friendly!! Covers all the sensitive lady parts - you're good! I wear all my dresses to work except for those with low necklines. SOMETIMES I feel a bit weird about wearing some novelty prints (like my Bernie tomato dress - I don't know why, it just doesn't seem like a work dress) but usually the only thing that makes it a non-work dress for me is the neckline. This is great for work, I think!!

    1. Yay! It's such a lovely breezy fabric: perfect for my commute in summer, since there's a fair bit of walking involved. I wasn't sure about the way it nips in where the straps join the bodice.

      I agree with you about novelty prints at work -- my workplace is pretty relaxed and I don't really want to have a separate wardrobe of stuff I don't like wearing. It's interesting that you shy away from the tomato dress, though. That feels like one of the tamer prints in my wardrobe! I consider my dinosaur brooches to be actively work appropriate, since they're a tribute to the dinosaurs in the museum!

  2. Yes, yes, yes, it looks FABULOUS on you, lady! So glad you finally got your paws on an Annette! I love your hair like that too, so gorgeous.

    1. Aw, I'm blushing! Thank you <3. After seeing your incredible collection of Annettes in some of my top-DISO prints, I had pretty much decided that I had to get one. Thanks for the sizing advice!!

      I wish I could get my hair to do this at home!!!