Monday, July 18, 2016

Harley Quinn

Red dresses are definitely the new Little Black Dress, at least for me. I have approximately one zillion red dresses, but when Pinup Girl Clothing announced that they'd be releasing their Harley dress in a perfect true red, I knew that number would jump to a zillion and one.
pinup girl clothing red Harley dress

It's a familiar story by now: the first 50 or so times that I saw the Harley dress on blogs and social media, it did absolutely nothing for me. The 51st viewing knocked my socks off, though! I think it was the discontinued coral color that finally made me recognize the genius that is this dress. At that point, all of the available colors were sold out in my size, but I tracked down an olive Harley and eagerly awaited its arrival. If you caught last week's post on my first-ever photoshoot, then you know that the olive Harley story has a very happy ending: I love it!

Then came the restock announcement on the olive and blue versions, and rumors of a red Harley began circulating. The first photos surfaced. It hit the site and lovely ladies began posting photos of this perfect red dress. But for some reason, I waited. (Ok, I wanted to hear about sizing before ordering.) I dithered for so long that a site wide sale popped up, at which point I rushed to buy it, lest it sell out and I miss it forever.

I sized down to a medium in my olive Harley, on the theory that it's similar to the Heidi, and it fits quite well, if a bit snugly in the waist after a day of serious eating. With the new red colorway, I again went with a medium in both the dress and the top, and both fit perfectly. The best part of this dress (aside from how badass it makes my shoulders look, and how the full circle skirt twirls) is the enormous pockets that were added for the SS16 releases!

If the new mint tiki print comes in a Harley, I will very likely die of happiness!
pin up girl clothing red harley dress
Is it seriously time for another haircut?!?
PUG red harley dress
pinup girl red harley dress
Dress: Pinup Girl Clothing Harley dress in Red
Petticoat: Malco Modes Jennifer in Ruby Red
Earrings and bracelet: Atomic Lucite

Now, you might be wondering why the title of this post refers to the Joker's girlfriend. I think my subconscious brought one of my favorite characters from Batman: the Animated Series to mind in order to remind me that Mark Hamill was the best Joker of all time. I am seriously always just blown away by his voice-acting talents, and I like that his Joker is unhinged but in a gleeful manner, rather than a 'watch the world burn' way.

I have an out-of-this-world post coming up on Wednesday, so stay tuned for a Very Special installment of one of my ongoing blog series! (Hint: it's all about one of my all-time favorite topics! Can you guess what it is?)

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  1. Beautiful! I love the red Harley - I just splurged on the red Harley top bc HELLO THE TOPS ARE AMAZEBALLS! How did I NOT know this until now? I got the Harley top in blue recently and fell in love. If I were to get a dress, it'd be this red one. It's so boldly red and I am the same as you, I love me some red dresses!!

    1. I can't recommend this dress highly enough! You have a long torso, right? I think it would probably work quite well on you!

  2. Super cute! I totally get what you mean about the 51st time...of course, the worst is when you finally realize you want something after it's already gone forever!

    1. This has happened more times than I want to remember, most recently with the Baton Rouge Floral Vamp dress for me :(. It's funny how seeing clothes on bodies like mine actually make me want things more. It's like I can't imagine wearing certain things until I see someone I can relate to wearing it.

  3. Favorite topic = SPACE?
    Did I win??

    I need to breakout my olive Harley, I keep forgetting that I have it!!
    And I want it in red?! :p Why wasn't I born rich?! Argh!!

    1. Ha, you totally 100% just won! It's a doozy of a post, because I couldn't help myself.

      I seriously want to see the Harley on you -- all of your recent OOTDs have convinced me that literally everything looks totally amazing on you. We can twin with our Harleys sometime!

  4. We need to twin day with what I am wearing today too! You have the Heidi fan print by PUG...yes?

    And yay for the win - I can now put it on all of my signatures :p

  5. You always look so gorgeous in red! I have yet to try a Harley...but you're convincing me!! And I'm so ready for the release...or at least the release of photos and actual products...or the mint tiki + yellow Italian landscape PUG items! XO

    1. If the mint tiki print comes out in a Harley, I'm literally going to spring for two-day shipping because that would be perfect! The waiting for those two prints is killing me. I'm hoping they make the Italian landscape in a Bella Donna dress.