Monday, September 26, 2016

Review: Trashy Diva Venice Nights Day Dress

I have a confession to make: before I started typing this sentence, I was poring over the other styles available in this print on Trashy Diva's website. This dress is that good. Trashy Diva has been releasing amazing new prints nearly every two weeks for a couple of months now, and while I'm loving all my recent acquisitions (and, in fact, wearing one of my newer dresses right now!), the Venice Nights collection might just be my favorite of 2016.

trashy diva venice nights dress
As soon as the Venice Nights collection was released, I knew that the Day Dress was destined to someday reach French Quarter or Sci-Fi Rockets-level status on Trashy Diva fans' ISO lists. I ordered mine within the hour; it was sold out in my size by that evening. It arrived while I was out of town, but the second I got back, I tore open the package and tried it on. Oh. My. God.

trashy diva venice nights day dress

Let me present all the reasons I love this dress and want to buy another style from this collection, in no particular order:

1) It's made out of the softest, most comfortable stretch rayon fabric ever.
2) It's the perfect length on my 5'2" frame!
3) This print is stunning...
3a) …and begs to be accessorized with red.
4) There's a pocket on the right side of the skirt.
5) The collar is a gorgeous, unique detail.
6) Sparkly buttons?!? Be still my heart!
7) It's work-appropriate, even without a cardigan.
8) It has twirls for days!
9) It looks amazing with and without a petticoat.
10) I am 95% sure that this fabric cannot wrinkle.

I went with the 8 in this dress despite exceeding the size chart by 1" at the waist and 2" at the bust, since I took a small in the stretch rayon Ruffled Feathers Trixie, and it fit my 39"-30.5"body perfectly thanks to the stretch. The 10 would have been a little big in the waist even without stretching the fabric, so I'm very glad that I sized down. If I get the Dolores in this print, I'll likely stick with the 10 because the waistband is so structured, but if you go for the Day Dress, I'd recommend sizing down.

This dress is the perfect length for my ruby red Jennifer petticoat from Malco Modes, and I love how the flashes of red petticoat match the red of the print. I also love it without a petticoat: the fabric is so sumptuous and moves with me in the best way.

malco modes jennifer ruby red
New favorite petticoat alert!
venice nights day dress
Sans petticoat.
trashy diva venice nights day dress review
venice nights day dress size 8
I'm actually not wearing a petticoat here. Chicago was just living up to its nickname while I was taking these photos!

This style was so popular that they're actually making a second run of this dress, which is currently available for preorder. I'm tempted to buy a second one, for when I wear this one to death. It feels slightly less ridiculous to buy this print in a different style.

Do you ever buy multiple items in the same print? (To ask this question another way: should I buy another dress in this print?)

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