Thursday, September 15, 2016

Getting My Just Desserts

Today I am full of sunshine because I'm heading to New York for a wedding this weekend, so I'm sharing a new-to-me dress that fits my mood. The Just Desserts dresses from Pinup Girl Clothing are super highly-sought-after discontinued styles, so I had honestly never believed one would ever grace my wardrobe. Honestly, I'm always convinced that my secondhand dress-hunting luck is about to run out! A couple of weeks ago, though, a friend messaged me that she was ready to let hers go, and I almost fell off of my chair. (Then I messaged her a vaguely-coherent, all-caps YES PLEASE.)

pink just desserts dress

Maybe it's just the name, but this dress definitely reminds me of sherbet. (Sidebar: sherbet is one of those things that I never spell correctly.) This might also be due to the fact that the pink of this dress matches the pink fabric I used to make myself an ice-cream cone costume for Halloween in 1993.

It still feels almost unreal to have this dress in my wardrobe. I've said it before, and (because I'm me and tell stories over and over) I'll say it again: there is nothing as perfect as a circle-skirted dress! The color blocking in the skirt make this extra fun to twirl around in, too. I've really been feeling the contrast-color bust since I got this lovely dress, and the construction on this one means that I can adjust it to give me a little less/more bust coverage. Bonus: the straps are adjustable, which is music to the ears of this short-waisted petite gal!

PUG just desserts dress
Pure sartorial bliss!
This outtake-worthy shot is why I take my photos in reasonably deserted areas. The only one that got a free show was the wall!

By the time you read this, I'll probably be well on my way to New York. My God-husband (aka the godfather of the children I'm godmother to) is getting married this weekend, so we are off to upstate NY for the festivities. I didn't realize when I was making my flight reservations, but I'll also be there for my father's birthday for the first time in quite a few years! I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone: the last time I Skyped with my godchildren, my goddaughter kissed the screen and my heart melted a little.

What are you planning to do this weekend?

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  1. Fun, enjoy New York girl. Sounds divine!! And damn on the dress, sounds like it was meant to be yours + it looks so darn good on you! As for our weekend?! I'm coming down with a cold (blast!), but hoping we'll still be able to go on a day trip and bang off some photos for the blog!! xo

  2. Wow, that's amazing you snagged this dress, and that a kind friend thought of you! It looks so lovely on you. Have lots of fun in New York!