Saturday, September 17, 2016

One Skirt Three Ways: Maois in Space

It is a truth universally acknowledged that if something is space-themed, I will eventually add it to my wardrobe. Such was the case with the Maois in Space skirt from the Oblong Box Shop. My friend Bristol decided to sell hers, and after holding out for quite a while, I decided to treat myself to a birthday present that perfectly fit the occasion.

This is my fourth Oblong Box Shop skirt and it's just as fun, well-made, and easy to wear with or without a petticoat as the rest. Unlike the others, though, this print has a lot of colors I don't often wear, so I had to think a bit harder to come up with outfits that do this fabulous skirt justice. I must say, it was a lot of fun!
maois in space skirt
Outfit #1
oblong box shop maois in space pinup girl clothing carole top

My first instinct for this skirt was to pair it with shades of pink. Initially, I was planning to wear an old hot-pink T-shirt from Old Navy, but when my polkadot Carole top from Pinup Girl Clothing arrived, I knew this was how I wanted to debut it! This outfit made me so happy: the Carole makes my shoulders look super buff and it goes nicely with my favorite short petticoat, the Malco Modes Jennifer in Dusty Rose. As soon as I put this outfit on, I felt like dancing, and dance I did.
Pinup girl clothing carole polka dots

In my book, polka dots are essentially a neutral, like stripes and leopard print. (Note: this might mean that I don't understand what 'neutral' actually means. I, however, choose to believe that I just don't care for the prevailing definition.) It's easiest to pair small polka dots with other prints, but when larger polka dots are so close in color to the background, I think you can wear them with even a very busy print, like this one.

I kept the rest of the styling quite simple (by choice, not because I'm lazy or anything like that…perish the thought!), adding a pair of Atomic Lucite earrings and blush ballet flats.

Outfit #2
purple harley top

See that big doofy grin on my face? It's typically caused by one of two things: a gust of wind at an inopportune moment, or the immense satisfaction I feel when a plan came together. (In this case, it was both!) I had hoped that the purple Harley top would be a perfect match for the purple in this skirt, and for once, my style Spidey-senses were right on the money!
oblong box shop maois in space
It was ridiculously hot when I took these photos, so I left out the petticoat, threw my hair into an easy topknot, and slid my unmanicured toes into flip flops, so that I wouldn't overheat. These $2 Old Navy flip-flops were a lifesaver on my birthday, when my heels gave me blisters and I made Jeff stop in to buy them on the way to dessert. They also have the virtue of matching this top perfectly, too!

Outfit #3

My third outfit is the most casual of the three: the top is just a coral striped T-shirt that I picked up at the Vegas Old Navy two years ago. I wore this outfit to work recently, because my job is incredibly chill about its dress code and, once again, it was hot as blazes out. I liked the idea of wearing coral with this skirt, since there is some orange in the print, and (more importantly) I'm a lifelong New York Mets fan and this was a subtle way to wear Mets colors. Stripes with border prints are always a win in my book, but this shirt is a bit more surprising than my typical black-and-white top.

Photos taken before 8am often look like this. There's no #butfirstcoffee when you're trying to make the bus!

This skirt is so much more versatile than I initially thought! Besides the colors I chose, it also looks cute with lavender (for evidence, see this post!), black and white stripes and polkadots, a light smoke leopard print, magenta, and yellows of any hue.

Which outfit is your favorite? How would you style this skirt?

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  1. Hands favorite is the polka dots! Boom! Nailed it!