Saturday, May 7, 2016

Review: Oblong Box Shop MCM Furniture Print Skirt

In case you couldn't tell, I've recently made a life-changing (or at least blog-changing) discovery: outfit photography works better with indirect sunlight! On a related note, now that it isn't freezing any longer,  I've been able to scout out more exciting locations for the blog. During the (never-ending) winter, I'd pretty much run outside, take photos as quickly as possible right outside my building, and run back in to bring life back to my extremities by placing my hands directly on the radiator. It turns out that brick/stone buildings are much exciting than patchy grass, though. Who would've thought!

In any event, I am supremely excited about this outfit! I've written about how much I love the novelty print skirts from the Oblong Box Shop before, and this one is just as gorgeous as my first one.

When I first saw the previews of this print on Instagram, I instantly knew I had to have it, even though orange and blue are (or perhaps I should say 'were') two of my least favorite colors to wear. I grew up as a diehard Mets fan, though, so I suppose the combination of those colors triggers decades of happy/agonizing Mets-related memories. But that’s a subject for an entirely different post!

Anyway, I fell in love with the print right away, and while I’d usually wait until a site-wide sale to order a full-price item, I didn’t wait for this one. It was sitting in my apartment when I returned from my trip to New York, and I immediately ripped open the package and tried it on. Just as I’d expected, it was perfectI got the large, which fits my 30.5” waist just right. As with my midcentury house-print skirt, the quality is very good, and there’s a pocket hidden in the seam, which is quite convenient. The skirt is made from a nice medium-weight material that seems to be impervious to wrinkles, even when it’s been laying over the back of my desk chair for weeks on end, accumulating other skirts on top of it because I have no storage here.
Oblong Box Shop furniture print skirt
Seriously, people, the level of detail in this skirt is incredible!
These flowers are right outside my building, and I freak out over them every time I walk past them. The skirt matches them almost perfectly; ergo, the skirt is perfect.
oblong box shop orange skirt
Another new location!

I’m wearing this with the mint peasant top from Pinup Girl Clothing. Even though it’s not a perfect match for the blue of the skirt, I love how the mint pairs with the orange and yellow. I’ve also worn this with yellow and white tops, and am planning to try it out with a black-and-white striped top as well. I think it would also look cute with my old David Wright Mets T-shirt, but I’d have to remember to bring that shirt back from New York, so don’t hold your breath for that particular combination any time soon!

I absolutely adore this skirt, and am sorely tempted by the yellow tiki-print version as well! This one is definitely going to be a staple throughout the bare-legs-and-shoulders season this year.

Have you ever come across an item of clothing that completely changes your mind about a color you never liked before?

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  1. Yay, you look fab! I loveee this skirt so much; Oblong Box Shop makes the best prints! Those are really beautiful flowers.

    1. Thank you so much! This skirt is just incredible -- the print is SO detailed! I'm wondering if the bright yellow peasant top you just ordered would go with this skirt.

      Tulips are one of my favorite flowers! My great-grandpa used to always have them growing outside his house and they remind me of him.

  2. I think the mint goes perfectly with this! It's fun to slightly offset the color scheme too and make everything more dynamic! LOVE this skirt and love that you shared it! It's so beautiful and I'm so mad I don't have it yet haha. XO

    1. Whew, I'm so glad it worked! I'm not always the best judge of whether things go together, because I'm like "another color? Sure, why not!" Hopefully you'll be able to get it soon -- it looks like it's in stock in a small now! When I just went to look that up, I noticed that the pineapple skirt is coming soon… uh oh, something else I must have!