Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wishlist Wednesday #12: May the Fourth Be With You

Today's very special edition of Wishlist Wednesday is an homage to my favorite films of all time: the Star Wars trilogy! Today is May 4th, which means I have an all-day license to use my favorite pun of all time:
Bet you saw this coming a mile away!

Let's get to the wishlist, shall we?

$25 and Under
Star Wars towels
The problem with these Wishlist Wednesdays posts is that I occasionally take a time-out to order one of the things I'm writing about. Guess who's about to be the proud owner of two of these awesome beach towels?
I'm slightly obsessed with sweater clips right now, and this Han-and-Leia set is giving me ALL THE FEELS.

$50 and Under
Does anyone else feel like the officers in the Imperial Army/Navy sort of got a raw deal? Admiral Piett seemed like a stand-up guy! Captain Needa took responsibility for his failure, and look where that got him! Anyway, I've always loved the look of the Imperial officer insignias: they remind me of these cough drops I used to take as a kid.
This set of schematic prints is equal parts nerdy and classy. To put it another way, this is perfect! If only I had more wall space...

Under $100 and Under
There are better-than-even odds that I'm going to buy this skirt, since its finally back in stock!
This is the thing that's always kept me from dressing up as an X-Wing pilot on Halloween: I can knit and make small crafts, but big stuff like this? Forget about it. However, I found someone who sells them, and I'm sorely, sorely tempted.

I Could Buy a Death Star if I Wanted To
One of my actual favorite sequences in the entire trilogy starts with the scene in the carbon-freezing facility on Bespin. These shoes would probably cause me endless distraction and joy, since I'd replay the scene in my head every time I glimpsed my feet.
This Star Wars comic-print dress from Pigtails and Pirates is basically my ideal silhouette in a Star Wars print. What could be better?

May the Fourth be with you all! What's your favorite scene in the original trilogy?

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