Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wishlist Wednesday #2

In composing this week's Wishlist Wednesday post, I decided to group things according to price-point cutoffs that I somewhat-arbitrarily chose. Here are all the things I'm currently a little obsessed with!

$25 and Under
I really adore this laser-cut acrylic Introvert necklace. Why not let people know exactly how poor their chances of getting you out of your house once you've settled in are?!?

After seeing people rave about Besame lipsticks, I want to try it for myself, if only to see whether it lives up to the reputation! This looks like an absolutely perfect red, too.

$50 and Under
I've been moderately obsessed with this London-print skirt from Chicwish for a while, but after seeing so many posts on blogs and Instagram about awesome events, vintage fairs, and general fabulousness, my Anglophilia has returned to full strength. This is also a very Emily way to do Valentine's Day (or any day of the year, really,) since it's black and white and red all over!
Mint seems to be having a bit of a moment right now, and I'm totally converted despite my usual wariness of pastels. I guess I've seen one too many awesome mint and red outfits out there… Anyway, the print on this skirt by Steady Clothing is super fun!

$100 and Under
I'm mildly to moderately obsessed with my bottle green tartan circle skirt from Vivien of Holloway (review coming soon!). When I ordered it, I had also wanted to get the heather tartan colorway, but it was out of stock in my size. It's been restocked, though, and I've got my eye on it!

This Lux De Ville purse reminds me of a midcentury diner in the absolute best sense. Now I want disco fries. Thanks, purse.
There is literally nothing on this Earth that a Peter Pan collar can't make even better, as this Bonsai Kitten dress demonstrates. It's classic and cute, and (bonus!) looks to be quite comfortable as well.
Again, I'm a couple of years behind the times, but I've finally become convinced that a Nutribullet is something I'd use. It just seems easier to clean up than my cheap-o blender from the CVS near my old LA bachelorette pad.

Budgets are for Chumps
It's entirely possible that tutu skirts have gone back out of fashion, which means it's just about safe for me to remember how much I love them. (I'm not what you'd call an 'early adopter…') This Bailey 44 skirt is, sadly, way over my budget, but I can dream, no?
I've wanted a Kitchenaid stand mixer for at least five years. For an investment like this, I tend to think that one should go big or go home, which is why I'd go for the 6-quart model. This machine can do almost anything. Want to make homemade pasta? There's an attachment for that. Want to grind your own meat and make sausage? There's an attachment for that, too. Le swoon.


  1. "Now I want disco fries. Thanks purse." Haha! Great list! The skirts are my favorite of this list! I keep eyeing that Chicwish one and you introduced me to the Steady Clothing one--I really like it! XO

    1. Thank you! I saw the Chicwish skirt with teal buses on the Oblong Box Shop's site, but the classic red speaks to me so much more. I just went to find your Gaga for Chicwish post, since I've never ordered from there, and saw that we have the same green midcentury houses skirt!