Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Adventures in Print-Mixing

So far today I've been super productive, which is why I'm dressed and posting this before 9:30 AM. Jeff teases me about how much I sleep, but life really is much better with 9+ hours a night! The best part of moving to Chicago, aside from the food, the public transit, Mariano's Market, the lake, and our apartment, is the fact that most late-night TV shows are simulcast for people in the Central Time Zone. It's quite rare these days that I make it to midnight, which is slightly embarrassing but true.
Ok, it's still black and white and reddish all over, but look! There are THREE different prints here!
I remembered to put my shoes on in this pic!

Top: Urban Outfitters, from at least five years ago
Shrug: Forever 21
Belt: Charming Charlie's
Skirt: Effie's Heart, now super on sale!
Shoes: Bloch, via Amazon in 2013 (similar in baby pink and mint
Bag: Banana Republic, last year

I've been sort of obsessed with Effie's Heart ever since I discovered the brand on Modcloth. I ordered two of their dresses from Modcloth, and they're incredibly comfortable, very flattering, and made of this lovely thick cotton that drapes so nicely. This skirt actually came straight from Effie's Heart. They have the full line on their website (vs. the selection Modcloth offers) with free no minimum shipping. I hate paying for shipping, so this is very important to me!

Tthese shoes are super comfortable, and have held up very well for the past three years, even though I walk a lot. They were my go-to pair of flats for teaching. They run a bit small, though: I'm normally a 6.5 in flats and heels, but these are a 7.5.

Fun fact about the bag: I sent all of my other purses except this one in the moving truck. This one came in the car, because I love it that much.
"Seriously, Jeff, look at how fun this skirt is!"
"Yes, it's very fun."
Sometimes I do goofy things with my hands, but don't have a better idea, so I go with it. 

I have a ton of things on my to-do list, so I hope the rest of today is as productive as the first few hours were! 


  1. GREAT....now I have another place I can't buy from for six months lol :p

    1. Ack, I'm sorry! But they tend to keep their things in stock for a loooong time, so if you see something you like, it'll probably still be there on July 1!