Thursday, January 21, 2016

#JennyJanuary -- Jenny Dress in Neverland Print

It's Jenny January and my Instagram feed is jam-packed with gathered-skirt awesomeness. For those of you who haven't heard of this weeklong explosion of delight, it's a time for fans of the Pinup Girl Clothing (PUG) to go hog wild and celebrate their shared love of PUG's Jenny skirts and dresses on Instagram and Twitter. #JennyJanuary is the brainchild of the fabulous Miss Amy May, who kicked it off with this blog post in 2015. During #JennyJanuary, folks pull out those lovely skirts/dresses, doll themselves up, plan to match their friends, and post the glorious results online using the hashtag "JennyJanuary."

I've been all over the hashtag this week, but as I'm newly a PUG convert, my Jenny collection is still woefully thin on the ground. My only Jenny is also one of the first PUG dresses I bought (along with the leopard Heidi). I ordered it during the Black Friday sales, and eagerly awaited its arrival (read: refreshed the Fedex tracking page about 987293847 times per day.) When it finally came, I ripped it out of the box, stripped down in my living room, ran to shut the shades (probably should've done that first, eh?), and put it on. It didn't fit. 

Me after the dress didn't fit (artist's rendering)
So that was upsetting. I was confused, since Pinup Girl Clothing is known for providing very accurate size charts for each garment they sell, and I'd been measured a few weeks earlier. After a day or so, I tried it on again, and realized that I'd been sent a medium, rather than the large I ordered! This was helpful to my ego and my sanity, but the dress still didn't fit, so I sent it back. The woman I spoke with at PUG was super helpful and the exchange process was totally painless! I sent it back while I was in New York for Christmas, and it arrived as planned shortly after I had returned to Chicago.

So, after all that, here it is, baby's first Jenny! Since even the warmest winter day in Chicago is still freezing, I winterized my outfit, but I'm so excited to wear it in springtime, sans cardigan, sweater-knit tights, and boots. I'm also wearing a small petticoat under mine, both for extra warmth and for extra fluff! I had to go for the Neverland Jenny, since my best friend since 2001 is named Jenny, and she's slightly obsessed with pirates (and pirate jokes!). Also, this print is the cutest thing I've ever seen on an article of clothing.

Cardigan: Modcloth (out of stock now, but available at le bomb shop)
Brooch: Femme De Bloom
Belt and headband: H&M, ages ago
Boots: Miz Mooz, two years back

I can't believe this dress is still in stock in every size! So many of the Jennys I want are out of stock, but I'm hopeful that they'll come back in.

Silly faces only.
A daisy chain of novelty print!
Lean on me…
Is it weird to post Rebel earrings and a pic of Vader in the same post? 

I had such fun putting together this outfit! I'm wearing my Rebel earrings, because I figured pirates and rebels would get along. The boots are hard to see against the dark carpeting, but they have a pirate-ish vibe. My brooch from Femme De Bloom arrived this morning, which was excellent timing. It's a lovely glittery red resin, and when I saw it on Etsy, I thought it was so cute that I bought it in black, too. The woman who made these brooches is a full-time grad student, which absolutely floors me. I can't imagine running a business while in grad school! 

Hopefully, by the time Jenny July rolls around, I'll know some folks that I can twin with, and I'll have a few more of this style! If the oranges print comes back in, I'm jumping on it!

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  1. I can be your twin w/ this dress come Jenny January! I'm hopping on the Orange Jenny too. :)

    1. Yay, I love having outfit twins! That orange Jenny *needs* to come back in stock!!