Thursday, October 26, 2017

Doing the Batty Bat

Last weekend, I made what was either a massive tactical error or an accidental genius move: I went to Target to buy two specific things. Needless to say, I left with a trunkful of stuff, including all the baby things ever and some key components of my Halloween capsule wardrobe.

target women's halloween dress

Seriously, if anyone out there knows the secret to not buying the entire store every time you venture into Target, please enlighten me! I'd love to know your secret.

This mod little number is a departure from my usual 1950s-inspired dresses and separates, but I just had to have it. The print is an irresistible mix if you like a side of all things outer space with your spooky, and it's the perfect shade of pumpkin.

But above all, it's velvet! Is there anything more soothing than absentmindedly touching your sleeve and remembering that you're wearing velvet? (This is usually followed, for me, by the awkwardly belated recollection that you can't very well sit in public petting your own arm.)

But rubbing your baby bump in public is totally socially-acceptable, right?

Also, for $24.99, I couldn't afford not to get it!

And let me tell you, this dress is supremely soft and comfortable as can be! Since I've recently discovered exactly how uncomfortable the last days of pregnancy are, this is a must at the moment. I can barely bend over to pick something up off the floor, much less manage anything that's tight around my middle, so soft and stretchy dresses are a lifesaver.

I'm a huge fan of the higher mock turtleneck, since it makes for a work-friendly neckline if you work at the sort of place that permits festive prints. (I'm genuinely not sure how I'd cope if I had to wear monochromatic business casual every day. If you do it, you're my hero!)

Since I bought this when I was 39 weeks pregnant, I'm looking forward to seeing how it fits after the baby arrives. I think that without my bump to hold up the hem, it'll be a cute, swingy above-the-knee shift rather than a minidress, and I'm good with that! But for now, I think it looks cute with my giant belly. I feel sort of like an ocean liner (since my belly enters the room well before the rest of me), but in the best, most on-theme way possible.

velvet Halloween dress maternity
Target velvet halloween dress

A dress this bright and boldly printed deserves to be the centerpiece of the outfit, so I've kept the styling quite simple: my favorite Daisy Jean hair flower, some spiderweb Atomic Lucite earrings,  simple flats, and I'm good to go. I've also got big plans to wear this dress as a top layered under a full skirt, to stretch my Halloween capsule pieces a bit further. And once the weather turns cooler, I'll add black opaque tights, a black jacket, and boots (if any of mine ever fit again).

I'm so pleased with this dress! It'll be a Halloween staple for years for come, just like the Halloween top I snagged at Target last year. So be honest with me: is it too early to start thinking about my Christmas wardrobe?

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  1. This is perfect! On you and for a time capsule addition. Also - it is never too early for Christmas :)

  2. You are so freaking adorable. And oh, yes, I remember the days of feeling like my belly entered the room long before the rest of me. Haha! I'm so excited you've had Penny! She is so beautiful (just like her mama!)

    Also. I totally pet myself in public when I'm wearing soft things. Ahem. Totally not awkward at all. Ha!

  3. What a fabulous outfit to get in the Halloween spirit!

    Alys |