Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Jenny January 2017

One year ago, I never would've dreamed that 1) I'd own so many gathered novelty-print skirts, and 2) Jenny January 2017 would be quite such a life-affirming week. ICYMI: #JennyJanuary is a week where all the gathered-skirt enthusiasts on social media bust out their favorite Jenny skirts/dresses from Pinup Girl Clothing and coordinate massive twinning days. Jenny January 2016 was a low-key affair for me: I was only able to participate in one day, and I didn't yet know very many people in the pinup community.

Oh, what a difference one year makes! While the two fabulous ladies I twinned in 2016 are still some of my favorite folks on the internet, I've met so many lovely friends over the past year, and I wanted to twin with as many of them as humanly possible. What's a thoroughly modern pinup to do? Well... in my case, the answer was 'make a spreadsheet, post daily in all my pinup groups, and rally as many folks as I could to the #twinup cause!'

So how did it go? Well, check it out...

Jenny January 2017

Day 0 (Sunday, 15 January): Mary Blair Trains

Technically, this year's Jenny January started on Monday, January 16, but since my friend Rebecca and I had planned to twin right down to our stripey shirts on the day before, I'm putting it in this post! Rebecca is one of the nicest people I've met through clothes and style, and chatting with her always brightens my day! One of the best parts of being a part of the online pinup world is meeting friends from all over the globe, and this Welsh pinup is aces!

<3 <3 <3!

Day 1: Pink Ribbons Jenny

pink ribbons pinup girl petite jenny skirt

This is one of my favorite new Pinup Girl prints from 2016, even though it took a little while for it to grow on me. As soon as I ordered it, though, I knew I'd love it, and I did, so much so that I brought it to Cambridge with me and wore it several times that week!

Top row: Angelina, Erin, Geneen
Bottom row: Samantha, Haley, Jamie, me

I twinned with six fabulous friends, including Erin (middle top) who was one of my triplets from Jenny January 2016! Fun fact: Angelina (top left) made that Lady brooch she's wearing in this collage, and has her own fantastic brooch company, Lillian*Madison! (I have Lady and the Tramp, and am dying to pick up one of her ballerina-dress brooches.)

Day 1.5: Monster-print Darling Dames

pinup girl clothing monster print darling dames

Somehow my wires got crossed and I planned to twin twice on Monday, but since it was a day off, I just did a Clark Kent and switched from my sweet floral outfit to my spookiest finery. (Next year, clearly, I need to do a better job of keeping my spreadsheet current.) I couldn't have passed up the opportunity to twin with Susie, though: she's an absolute angel and another one of those friends that I want to meet just so I can give her a giant hug.

She's my goth goals, now and forever!

Day 2: Paris Jenny

pinup girl clothing paris print dress

This was a wild and crazy day: so many people twinned that I couldn't even use my phone to make the collage. Thankfully, my computer can handle a 24-person collage. This skirt is so versatile and fun to style, and I got even more ideas from all of the lovely outfits I saw on Insta and Facebook!

Second row: me, Rose, Eleanor, Samantha, Monica
Middle row: Jamie, Jen, Angelina, Erin, Kari
Fourth row: Kristi, Laura, Erika, Feminist Historian, Heather
Bottom row: Mary, Cherie, Lauren-Blair, Sofia, Vybuian

Day 3: Queen of Hearts Jenny

pinup girl queen of hearts jenny skirt

For the one-year anniversary of the blog, I decided to dress for the occasion in one of my other all-time favorite prints: the Steph Buscema Queen of Hearts print. In going back to find the link to my previous post on this skirt, I happened to see that I mentioned wanting to wear it with stripes. 2016 Emily is super proud of 2017 Emily right now. I got so many other amazing ideas for styling this skirt, though, so prepare to see it again pretty soon! I never would've dreamed that it would look so amazing with peach and pink. Thanks for the inspiration, Dana, Sam, and Paola!

This collage is fancy and I'm not quite sure how to describe who is where, so you should just check out the tags on my Insta post!

Day 4: Italian Landscape Jenny Skirt

pinup girl clothing italian landscape Jenny skirt

Chuck Taylors definitely go with everything, and this print was MADE for stripes (even the dress version, if you have a striped cardigan. I do not.) Once again, there were too many twinups to fit in a regular collage, so I made four separate collages and then made them into one Ur-collage. Once again, it's much easier to see who's who on the original Insta post.

Day 5: Orange-border Jenny

pinup girl orange border jenny skirt and green dita cardigan

This print always makes me think of the best day of my life. Such a special skirt deserves a special outfit, so I pulled my green Dita cardigan out of storage and ate very, very carefully all day. After seeing my wonderful friend Monica in her orange-border outfit, I've decided that I absolutely must have a green petticoat! These colors had me feeling sunny even on an historically awful day.

Top row: me, Kristi, Cherie, Amelia, Laura, Monica
Bottom row: Laci, Dana, Alyssa, Angela, Ann, Erika

Day 6: Tiki Jenny

pinup girl tiki jenny skirt

Even now, thinking about how I finally got ahold of this major unicorn gets me a little emotional. What better skirt to wear in one of the final days of this year's Jenny January than one that reminds me of how amazing the pinup community is? After seeing Monica twirling in her peach petticoat, I've added yet another color to my petticoat wishlist, and Vybuian's pink cardigan is such an inspired choice for this print! (And I'm super swoony over Sam's bangle game, which was on point as always!) I was also over the moon to twin with my friend Melanie, the brilliant mind behind Atomic Lucite, and see her absolutely slaying in a crop top.

Bottom: Melanie, me, Samantha

Day 7: Dancing Horses Jenny

pinup girl dancing horses skirt

Jenny January ended on a high note with one of my favorite secondhand finds: the dancing horses print. I paired it with a striped top, as though I hadn't gotten enough stripes already, and it was still somehow warm enough for bare legs. I absolutely loved all of the outfits everyone came up with for this skirt, and have resolved to try it in the future with hot pink, polka dots, and more yellow.

So there you have it, folks: my Jenny January 2017 in nine massive photo collages! I'm so grateful to everyone who participated and all of the folks who spread positivity during our week of full-skirt twinup shenanigans. It really helps me hold my head up a little higher in these dark times to feel connected to kind, wonderful people all over the globe. I'm already looking forward to the next event week. Who's interested in a springtime #WiggleWeek?

PS: if you haven't yet entered my one-year blogiversary giveaway, check out this post for the details and get your entry in by February 4!

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  1. This is such an amazing idea! I think my favourite has to be the dancing horses outfit. I personally love twinning with people but it's so hard to find those who share the same tastes as I do nowadays...

    Lizzie Bee // hello lizzie bee

    1. Aw, thank you! That dancing horses print is super cute, and I liked wearing it with a casual top. I hope you find some folks to twin with soon! If not twinning on the exact outfit, perhaps you can do a Harry Potter house=themed group outfit?

  2. Love this!! All you ladies look so beautiful <3

    1. Thank you, Connie! It was really fun to twin with so many people at once. I have these grand visions of doing a Harry Potter-bound with lots of people in their house colors next.

  3. I'm glad I know the name of this skirt now because, like, I think I want to get into this. This style is so cute and I totally vibe with it. You look so beautiful in all your pictures and I love that you have a community centered around it. You're inspiring me so much!

    Breanna Catharina

  4. This is such a great idea! I hope I can take part in the next one 💖 💖

  5. I LOVE ALL THESE LOOKS! I'm such a vintage chick sometimes so I'm wanting to go raid your closet. How far away form Houston, Texas are you? :D

    S .x

  6. Yes please to wiggle week! Absolutely adored reading this post and seeing yours & everyone else's wonderful styling of these amazing skirts, I think the event is such a great idea as well as a unique way to bring people together :)

    Pandora xo

  7. I love this post! I love your skirts as well

  8. All those skirts are so amazing! My fav one is the green halloween themed one! I love wearing dress and spinning ahah! Great post! xx Corinne from Corinne & Kirsty

  9. I need the monster print skirt in my life so badly! Another wonderful post about your wonderful fashion! Thank you 💜

  10. I think day 1 (pink ribbons) and day 7 are my favourites

    Tasha x

  11. That orange border one is fantastic! I love it! It looks so fun but still classy. Think that one is my favorite of the ones I've seen on your blog.

  12. Love seeing all your outfits from Jenny January and also all the twinning going on! I always end up forgetting about Jenny January every year it rolls around! At least it's fun to see the fun that was had! :)