Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Goodbye, Fall

It's been a fairly eventful weekend, what with my trip to the North Side for a long-overdue haircut, a bit of unpleasant drama involving a dead mouse, and the arrival of our newest baby niece! I've been sitting at the computer trying to focus on style-related topics for longer than I'd like to admit, but it's not working. All I can think of is how excited I am to finally meet our three-month-old nephew and newborn niece when we head out for our lightning-quick holiday trip to LA!

vivien of holloway tartan circle skirt

For the past nine years, December has meant flying across the country to see my family and celebrate the holidays. This is the first year that Jeff and I will be traveling together for Christmas, and I have ridiculously high expectations of how wonderful it'll be to finally spend the holidays together. Luckily, I'm pretty easy to please. Being an excitable person with very strong feelings about everything comes in handy sometimes, I suppose!

I've raved about this tartan Vivien of Holloway skirt before, so I won't spill too much ink here telling you all the reasons I love it. Suffice it to say that it'll be in heavy rotation for the next few weeks, and then slightly less heavy rotation for the rest of winter. I'm dying to try one of their pencil skirts, but haven't so far because I'm so lazy about getting things hemmed. If you're a tall gal in search of a sufficiently-long flannel/wool-blend pencil or circle skirt, though, Vivien of Holloway have got you covered!

bottle green tartan circle skirt
TFW you can't see your feet because there's too much skirt in the way
christmas plaid skirt
Yup, still only 5'2.
red malco modes Samantha

This green Banned cardigan was my first choice for Christmas-ifying this lovely tartan skirt. I got it in one of Modcloth's pre-Black Friday sales because I didn't want to wait and risk it selling out in my size. It's basically the perfect cardigan, for several reasons:

1) it's the right shade of green
2) PETER PAN COLLAR = collar-clip heaven!
3) it has tiny little bows on the snaps!
4) it's cropped, which makes it ideal for wearing with dresses as well as tucked into skirts
5) it's a lovely material.

Prepare to get very tired of seeing this sweater!

It snowed for the first time this season on Sunday night, and I spent a healthy amount of time just staring out the window. I know the novelty will wear off after another storm or two, but there's just something magical about the first snowstorm of the winter. I'm dreading the subzero months ahead, but for now, I can huddle under a blanket with some hot cocoa and enjoy the sights.

christmas pinup outfit circle skirt
Sweater: Banned, via Modcloth
Boots: Urban Outfitters, old
Belt: Pinup Girl Clothing
Earrings: Atomic Lucite
Petticoat: Malco Modes Samantha in Ruby Red

What's your favorite part of winter?

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  1. I love this cardigan and the cute little clips! I was tempted to get it as well but chose for the one I shared on my blog with my gingerbread skirt instead. Both are so cute!

    I love this time of year - the snow, the gift giving, the cozy-ness of it all, it's just amazing! Plus, any excuse to be festive works for me! I love giving people gifts and making them smile. I have also gotten very good at it, if I do say so myself! =)

    1. Thank you so much! It's so funny that you went for that one, because I was deciding between the two and went for this one! I'm still tempted to go back for the one you got, though.

      Snow and gift-giving is the absolute best! I really love taking snowy walks and then coming home and warming up. And I'm starting to get SUPER excited to give people the presents I've gotten -- I've had some of them since the summer!

  2. Ah,such a lovely outfit! What a great, full skirt!
    That lipstick is perfect on you, too.
    I'm loving rocking my Christmasy outfits this month, I only wish I could wear them longer!!

    1. Thank you, Bristol! I absolutely love this shade of red -- I got it for my wedding and hadn't worn it since, but figured I should give it a shot! And I know just what you mean -- I want to wear mine in January and February when it gets awful and dreary out. Well, I suppose there's always Christmas in July!

  3. OMG Love that last pic of you so hard! I haven't tried Vivien of Holloway yet! You look so festive! I'll have to check them out ASAP! XO

    1. Vivien of Holloway is awesome -- these tartans are so soft and cozy! And since you're tall, their skirts would hit at the exact right midi-length spot on you.

      Thank you so much <3! Festive is the name of my style game from now through January 1 ;).

  4. Such a wonderful outfit for December! And I love seeing this Banned sweater on you. I've been wondering what it would look like on. It looks absolutely perfect on you. <3