Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Fleece Navidad

It might not surprise you to learn that I'm ridiculously excited for all things Christmas. By 'ridiculously excited,' I mean that I've literally been waiting since January to dress like a crazed escapee from Santa's workshop in Christmas Town. Well, never let it be said that I don't reach out and grab what I want with both hands! Today's outfit features my first ugly Christmas sweater of 2016, and it's an absolute gem.

This Target sweater literally has everything I ever could've wanted in a Christmas top: my favorite animal of all time, copious amounts of the exact shade of red I love, and an excellent pun! (A love of puns definitely runs in my family. I'm not on quite the same level as my dad and sister, but I'm a very good audience for all of their puns!)

Right before I saw this sweater, I had literally Snapped my sister something to the effect of 'I'm in Target but I'm not going to buy anything.' Clearly, I am a lying liar/powerless to resist the charms of a punny red sheep sweater. FYI: if you're thinking of ordering one for yourself, be advised that it runs quite large.

The Goofy Hands of Extreme Enthusiasm
target fleece navidad

Since I'm short, I decided to wear this sweater over a comfy cotton wiggle I've had for years and years. I didn't want to cover up any of the graphic by tucking it in, and I've found that wiggles just look better with an untucked sweater than anything with a full skirt. Even though I was tempted to wear my new bright green tights, I opted for my opaque black leggings from Marks and Spencer and my favorite black boots, to keep the outfit from getting too busy.

This is one of the more toned-down Christmas outfits I've worn so far, which I suppose says a lot about my usual style, but I still felt extra festive all day!

What's your favorite place to buy Christmas sweaters? Now that I've tried this one, I'm hooked!

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  1. Ha, I do like that pun! I do puns too. One of my best friends in the world thinks he hates puns and calls mine stupid, but he's always crying/laughing so he's wrong ha. Good choice with the black tights! It lets the sweater speak for itself in regards to the Christmas stuff! XO

  2. Love this sweater with the wiggle skirt and the black tights. All perfect choices for this outfit! So funny about that pun too. hehe.