Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Ready for Takeoff

Today I've got a hot date with a backscatter X-Ray and a very large machine. In other words, Jeff and I are flying back to Chicago this evening after a wonderful first Christmas together in New York. While I'm bummed to be leaving, I'm still so happy that he was able to be here for Christmas for the first time ever! (Christmas dinner post to follow soon, I promise!)

green dita cardigan
Heading back to the Land of Always Winter (pictured above)

I'm a huge fan of anything aviation/space flight related, so traveling by plane is always a bit of an exciting thing for me! (Jeff does not agree. It might help if I were physically capable of chill when all I want to do is BE EXCITED, though. Oh well. Marriage is about compromise, right?)

Anyway, my parents have a little tradition they've always done on planes, which I've also always done. The tradition is this: when the plane starts to taxi for takeoff, they hold hands, and let go when they think the wheels have left the ground. I remember doing this with them as a child flying to Fort Lauderdale for our family cruise in 1993, and the other times we've flown together as a family. Once I moved to LA and joined the jet set, I spent countless hours croscrossing the country alone to visit home. Still, whenever I've flown on my own, I've sat with my hands clasped together, releasing them at the moment I thought we were airborne.

In the summer of 2014, Jeff came to New York for the first time. Finally, I had someone I loved right next to me on the plane. I might've shed a few tears (ok, a LOT of tears) when we left my family at Newark, but for the first time since moving to LA, I took off holding the hand of someone I loved. Sure, he grumbled a little about it, and grumbled more when I explained our tradition, but now I think he's resigned himself to doing this for the rest of his life!

Do you have any unusual travel-related habits? I'd love to hear about them!

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  1. Aw, that's so nice you finally had someone to fly with you back to NY!! I always hold my husband's hand when I feel the plane taking off, too! :)

    1. <3 isn't it so much nicer to travel with someone you love? And I can't believe you do that too -- none of my friends had ever heard of doing something like that!!

  2. New York looks amazing it's somewhere I've always wanted to go especially at Christmas -www.teaisawishyourheartmakes.wordpress.com

    1. I hope you get there someday -- my sister and I went into NYC a few days before Christmas and it was lovely!

  3. Aw....totally going to adopt this <3