Monday, October 3, 2016

Day to Night: Tiki Little Jun

While I am lucky enough to work in a place with the most relaxed dress code on the planet, there are nevertheless a few things that just won't fly. Visible cleavage is one of those things. Being a rather busty lady, I've struggled with finding cute tops and dresses that don't accidentally become scandalous. Button-up shirts are usually a recipe for disaster: if they fit in the bust, they're usually baggy everywhere else. I've amassed a decent array of higher-necked jersey tops and sweaters, but most of my favorite dresses absolutely require a cardigan, and I'm not willing to wear crew neck sweaters when it's 90 degrees out.

While I've been slowly building up my stash of fun and work-appropriate dresses, I also love to wear outfits with pockets, and the pockets on my mint tiki Little Jun are outrageously good. Since getting this skirt, I've worn it to work more than any other piece in my closet. I've worn it with T-shirts, basic black, and my new white Sean top. The biggest styling challenges come on the days that 1) it's disgustingly hot out and 2) Jeff and I are going out right after work. Enter the Clark Kent-like outfit in this post!

When it's really hot, I'm not a huge fan of wearing tops that are hard to clean, so I usually stick to things that I can throw in the machine. My walk to work/night look involves cute shoes, bangles that clatter together a little too noisily for my taste at work, heavier eye makeup, and a purse that definitely won't fit all the things I cart to and from the office each day.

pinup girl clothing mint tiki little jun
mint tiki little jun

This outfit is ludicrously comfortable (a plus when most of my nights out involve serious eating!), yet still makes me feel like I'm dressed up. It's the sort of outfit that makes me ask Jeff "do you like my outfit?" a zillion times, because that's moderately less obnoxious than simply declaring 'I like my outfit!'

I've had this ancient tank top since the end of college, I think, and despite countless trips through the washer, it still looks much like it did when I bought it. I love the pastel yellow with this skirt, and since this is my only top in that color, I don't have a more work-friendly option laying around.

This is where the cardigan comes in! While I don't typically like crewneck cardigans on me, since I don't find them especially flattering in the bust, it can be hard to find a V-neck cardigan with decent coverage. This MAK cap-sleeve cardigan, though, is the exception, and I love how it instantly makes any top work-ready!

pink lux deville purse

To complete my re-Clark Kentization, I swapped the platform sandals for flats (perfect for all the walking I do at work!), pulled my hair into a slightly more contained style, changed my sparkly earrings to more conservative silver ones, and put on a slightly more muted lipstick. Voila! Instant professionalism.

My professional face.

When putting together an outfit like this, the only thing I make sure to do is to pick a shirt/top that fits smoothly under my cardigan. If I'm wearing a thinner cardigan, I'll avoid tops with too many bumpy seams, or with bulky sleeve details (I'm looking at you, peasant tops!) When winter really hits and I start essentially wearing sweatercoats every day, I'll wear whatever I darn well please underneath, but for now, I stick to things that won't make unusual bumps appear in my sweaters.

Jeff and I are journeying back to Chicago today, so prepare for a bunch of travel-related posts in the coming weeks!

How do you dress when work and play happen on the same day?

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