Saturday, October 1, 2016

5 Reasons October is the Best Month

As soon as the temperature climbs over 75 degrees or so, I start pining for the fall. Seriously. In my book, summer is a sweaty, uncomfortable period that must needs be endured only because it's followed by the sweetest reward of all: autumn, and more precisely, October!

October has always been my favorite month of the year: the weather is finally comfortable again, the leaves are vibrant, and even sunlight looks prettier. I know plenty of you are fans of spring and summer, so I've put together my top five arguments for why October is the superior month of the year.

1) The weather is perfect for dressing up!
how to layer autumn
Believe it or not, this is one of my all-time favorite photos of myself.

This obviously had to be my first reason. Summer is a challenge for me because I like petticoats, but if you enjoy putting together fun, interesting outfits, it's also a rather dull season for personal style. Getting dressed in the summertime is all about wearing as little on your skin as you feel comfortable with; on very hot days, I don't even want to be wearing bangles, since they make my arms warm. Dry-clean only tops? Not gonna happen.

In October, though, you can finally pull out all of your cute cardigans, hats, and sundry other non-summer-friendly layers and turn them into a fabulous outfit! Best of all, because the weather is (generally) pleasantly cool, you can do this with cute boots, bare legs, and a hairstyle that would be ruined by either the summer humidity/heat or the winter hat situation.

2) The Golden Hour + fall leaves = magic.
millennium park leaves

One of my all-time favorite places is a bend in the road on I-84 in the Hudson Valley. When you round that bend on an October afternoon, a glorious vista of the tree-covered hills of New York dazzles you with its brilliance. I always associate that view with weekend trips home from college to visit my family.

Now that I'm going into my first autumn as a blogger, I'm extra excited about catching that Golden Hour light on the trees in upcoming photoshoots. It's a vivid, beautiful sight.

3) Hot beverages are finally appropriate again.

My sister drinks iced coffee all year long, but for me, there's something particularly enjoyable about taking a sip of a drink and feeling it warm you up from the inside out. And I'm not even talking about the Pumpkin Spice Latte here. (But that's mainly because I hate how it's become A Thing #PSLbacklash. I actually think they're pretty delicious.) My Starbucks treat of choice, the matcha latte, just seems more delicious with a thin layer of foam on top, and you can't really get that with an iced drink.

Not convinced yet? I offer three further words for your consideration: hot chocolate season.

4) It's finally the same temperature outside as in your office…and you've got another month till it gets cold.
I've never needed to bust out this coat in October!

Don't underestimate the value of this one! My office is an arctic wonderland (ok, it's probably around 65 degrees on any given day). In the summer, the simple act of going outside turns me into a human puddle, because I have zero tolerance for heat. After working up a sweat on the way to work, there is nothing I want less than to sit in my clammy, freezing clothes and pull a cardigan over my sticky, sunscreen-covered arms. The outdoor-indoor transition might actually be even worse in the winter. I n fact, stepping into a 65-degree building when you're wearing 9987345 layers for the -20 degree outdoor temperatures is what they make people do continuously in the seventh circle of Hell.

5) Halloween. 'Nuff said.
Halloween Inspiration: Baseball Jedi

I've chronicled my yearly struggle to come up with a Halloween costume, but let's get real: is there anything more fun than a holiday devoted to cosplay?

So there you have it: my top five reasons that October is the perfect month! What's your favorite month and why?

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  1. Yess I feel the same about Summer/Autumn! Autumn is my favourite season.
    I can't wait to see your autumn outfits!
    Cora ❤

  2. Even though we're in spring over here in Aus, I still love October purely because of Halloween!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode