Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wishlist Wednesday #4

This week, I'm more obsessed with brooches than usual. I need to find a place to store my growing collection ASAP! Other themes of this week's wish list include space- and aviation-themed items, skirts, and nostalgia. Surprisingly, there's only one dress on the entire list!

I've also been consciously trying to window-shop at smaller, independently owned businesses, which means I spend even more time on Etsy than I did before coming up with my shopping resolutions. I actually can't remember the last time I opened Banana Republic's website, which is something of a major accomplishment for me!

$25 and Under 
Though I already have a red rocket brooch, one can never have too many space-themed items, and I think this one is darling! Why yes, I am a NASA fangirl; thanks for asking!

Surprise! It's another brooch! I'm sort of obsessed with my holly berry brooch from Summer Blue Jewelry, and I've had my eye on this peach for months! Someday, you'll be mine, my pretty…
Astronaut socks > boring old black socks! These are a great gift idea for any well-dressed lady born on the anniversary of the first moon landing…
I've seen so many rave reviews of this mascara lately, and my old Maybelline tube is quite past its prime. It's doubtful that this'll live up to its name, but if it gives me perfect lashes, I won't mind the false advertising.

$50 and Under
I just picked up my first Erstwilder brooch, and it's so cute and detailed that I need more! Something you might not know about me is that I'm slightly obsessed with aviation history, so this Captain Cumulus brooch is pretty much exactly what I need in my life!

If this wristlet could actually hold a bottle of champagne, I'd probably own it already.
This T-shirt is pretty adorable, and the colors would look great with dark-rinse jeans or a fun printed skirt. If only my shirt drawer wasn't positively overflowing...
Do I even need to tell you why this Star Wars-print purse is awesome?

$100 and Under
Although I'm not too keen on navy, something about the plaid of this skirt just calls my name. Even better: it's made of flannel! Cozy and cute!
It's never too early to start thinking about themed outfits for the next holiday! This Trashy Diva skirt in green and white will do nicely for St. Patrick's Day, methinks!

I Am Made of Disposable Income
If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that I already got Jeff a Valentine's Day present. (Well, not really. It's just a present. But I'll give it to him on Valentine's Day to wind him up!) But this, the long-awaited Wonder Years box set, is what I should've gotten him. Or more accurately, what I would have gotten him if I had $300 to burn, and absolutely no compunction about giving him a self-serving gift.
Lace print is always a winner for me, and this Stop Staring dress does it perfectly! I love my new Railene dress (it's a solid Valentine's Day outfit contender!), and I'd love to have one with a swing skirt!

What's on your must-have list right now?


  1. *Sigh* brooches are just so addicting, aren't they?! Once you start, you just can't stop! Erstwilder has such cute ones, too. The plane/cloud one is adorable!

    1. They really are! After getting my first Erstwilder brooch, I knew I needed all of them!!

  2. I just saw this now, thank you for including Cats Like Us in your blog! (I'm the owner.)