Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wishlist Wednesday #3 - Valentine's Day Edition!

As a feminist who's very critical of capitalism, I shouldn't love Valentine's Day as much as I do. It's a made-up holiday that commercializes love and heightens relationship angst for many people, which ordinarily sets off my BS detector. But! It's also a holiday that encourages (nay, requires!) me to dress in red and pink from head to toe. That means it is awesome. Thus, I offer you a smorgasbord of appropriately-hued eye candy!

$25 and Under 
I'm a big believer in going all-out for holidays, and if I had a 74cm waist, this heart-print skirt would 100% already be mine. (See what I did there? It was an accidental Valentine's day joke, but I'm going to pretend it was on purpose. Don't tell anyone.) 
YOU GUYS IT'S STAR WARS AND PUNNY. These are just too perfect! I wasn't sure which one I loved more, so I'm posting both the pink and the white. When the first trailer with BB-8 came out, I thought I'd probably hate him, because he was so obviously designed with future toy sales as the goal. I was wrong, happily.
Me, Black Friday 2014.
Yes, I know memes don't belong in a wishlist.
Anyway, these shirts are perfect if you're a massive nerd who saw Episode VII thrice in theaters.

To be honest, these are no longer on my wishlist, because the pink one is on its way to me! Here's a dramatic reenactment of last Sunday:

Emily's Id: *sees this shirt on Internet, has total Blue Screen of Death moment*
Emily's Superego: "Don't open that website… if once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny…"
Id: "I just want to see which other Star Wars shirts they have --"
Superego: "You don't need to see these shirts…" *Waves hand in classic Obi-Wan move* 
Id: "A shirt of Rey at Disneyland?!? A Tatooine travel shirt?!? It comes in pink?!?"
Superego: You have ten Star Wars shirts already. If you wanted, you could sleep, work out, and live your life dressed solely in Star Wars shirts for 72 hours straight. There is no way you should be buying another --"
Id: *Clicks 'Purchase'*

Combination Valentine/artfully designed threat. Perfect if you are 1) a fan of Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire (and if you aren't, you should be!), and 2) Working up the courage to have that awkward 'define the relationship' talk, but not quite there yet.
I've got a huge amount of New York pride, so this necklace is something I could definitely see myself wearing, if I ever wanted to change my necklace. If they made it as a brooch, I'd be sold!
Clearly, I am obsessed with Star Wars. These hand towels reference one of my favorite scenes in one of my favorite movies. They're also tasteful enough for those of us who are trying to make our apartments look like adults live there!
My fiancé is currently watching this classic Simpsons episode in the other room, and it inspired me to search on Etsy for the valentine Lisa gives Ralph. (As soon as I typed "I chop" into the search bar, it suggested "I choo choo choose you." Etsy knows what's up. If I hadn't just put myself on a buying ban, this T-shirt would already be in my cart, awaiting checkout.

$50 and Under
I really shouldn't be buying things right now, but this heart-shaped purse really tries my resolve. It's red, it's heart-shaped, and it's wicker. Please talk me out of ordering this!
Do you live in Southern California? Do you like cake? Get this cake and make me super jealous. When I lived in LA, Sweet Lady Jane's was probably my favorite stop for Cake Day (aka Sunday.) I miss it. A lot. I had the raspberry lemon on my 28th birthday, right before Jeff and I went to see the Endeavour at the California Science Center, and it was an excellent decision.
"Another necklace?!?" you say? Yes, yes indeed. This necklace is the perfect statement piece if you want to add a hint of Valentine's spirit to your wardrobe. Since I've recently discovered the joys of pastels, I'd wear this well into the Easter season (or, as I generally think of it, the 'buy everything with bunnies on it to give to my sister for her birthday in June" season.)

$100 and under
Fishtail hems are the cutest things in the entire world, and this one is perfect for Valentine's Day! The button detailing on the front just makes it more perfect. This is a real 'hello sailor!' skirt!
You may not have heard of Silly Old Sea Dog yet, but I bet that you'll want this pink heart-print dress as much as I do! Silly Old Sea Dog is a small clothing company specializing in vintage-inspired silhouettes and amazing novelty-print dresses and skirts, all designed and manufactured in the UK.  Recently I've been trying to shop more consciously, which to me means opting for quality over quantity, eschewing 'fast fashion,' and choosing brands manufactured in the US or the UK whenever possible. This brand ticks all three boxes, and this dress is machine-washable!

The Sky's the Limit
I have the Alika dress in green, and it's utter perfection. It's comfortable, flattering, and has the cutest detailing at the yoke! I'd like to have the red wiggle version as well, please. It's such a perfect shade of red, and it basically just oozes glamour!
Fine, this isn't red. And emerald isn't my birthstone. But this is the only necklace I've seen in ten years that would make me consider leaving my everyday necklace in my jewelry box. It costs a pretty penny, but one can certainly dream!


  1. Great list! I especially love the Tatyana pieces and silly pun/cultural reference stuff. I'm sooooo not a Valentines day person, but I'm really not a holiday person in general (St Patricks Day, Halloween, and NYE are the only ones I attempt to celebrate traditionally lol). I like how you divide the wish lists into price points!!

    1. Hehe, I'm glad my puns aren't *too* painful! I'm DYING for that red Tatyana skirt, though I'm afraid it would be too long on me. St. Patrick's Day is awesome: it's a holiday about green and beer! I mostly see holidays as an opportunity to dress in themed outfits (always a winning strategy) and make/consume a very large meal, so Halloween is pretty much the perfect day!

  2. Love this list, Emily! I laughed reading it haha, so many puns! And memes totally belong everywhere. I'm in love with those amazing Leia and Han towels! Great picks :)
    xo Kiki

    1. Thank you! Memes are the best. When my little sister sent me this one, I accidentally caused a scene because I laughed so hard! I want all these things so much -- I'm really struggling with that whole 'no shopping in February' plan of mine!

  3. Very cute selections! The BB-8 shirt is adorable, and really *rounds* out the collection. (Glad you liked the meme :P)
    Love how you found super cute dresses that are pink and red, because you can pretty much wear them any time.
    Also that necklace is pretty, and vaguely sailor moon-looking??

    1. Wow. My puns are no match for yours! I can't even get past how perfect that one was. I know you're more of a pink fan than a red person, but I like them both!

      Which necklace do you mean? The florals, or the emerald?

      PS -- it's great that you comment as Roon.

  4. LOL I absolutely adore you and the conversation you had between your id & your superego....genius. I would NEVER talk you out of buying that wicker purse...I think I need it too. Good thing my buying ban is only clothing - insert maniacal laugh here and think of me strumming the tips of my fingers together a la, Mr. Burns style.

    Also, as a side note, wasn't watching the Endeavor AMAZING?! I used to work in West LA and it flew right past our building.

    1. I'm now picturing a pinup Mr. Burns and it's a hilarious mental image! But purses are totally their own category. They're accessories, not clothing!

      And YES! I went down to LAX to see the Endeavour land (thanks, teaching schedule!) and stood on the 105 Freeway with a gazillion other people. It was epic! I seriously can't believe it flew right past your building -- that's so lucky! The shuttle in NY flew right past my dad's building, too, and I was totally jealous until LA got its own space shuttle ;).