Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wishlist Wednesday #5: A Dream of Spring

This week's edition of "Stuff I'd Buy if I Made More Money" doesn't have a theme, unless the subconscious 'I wish winter was over' vibe counts. Everyone, please take a moment to imagine how awesome life will be when it stops snowing and we don't need coats any more. 

$25 and Under
Every once in a while, I get a bad case of 90s nostalgia. These Sun Jellies would 1) sate that nostalgia, and 2) trick me into forgetting how bitterly cold it is outside my apartment.
The print of this hair scarf reminds me of those old advertisements that occasionally show up in articles about the perniciously sexist side of the 1950s. But the colors are fabulous, and it also reminds me a little of Archie Comics, so I want it.

$50 and Under
Strawberry prints are the very best fruit print of them all (closely followed by lemon print, as you'll see below!), and I've wanted this sweater since Black Friday. Who says I don't have self-control?
Another pair of mint-green shoes? Yes. The bows are just so sweet, and a 2.5" heel is about as high as I can handle before my arthritic knee makes its displeasure known.
This one is a little nerdy, but that shouldn't surprise anyone. I love the style of these posters. They remind me a bit of the posters for the attractions that you pass as you walk into Disneyland, and they'd look great on the wall opposite my vintage aviation gallery. (Yes. There are numerous pictures of planes in my apartment.)

$100 and Under
Little known fact: I am in love with lemon prints. Better-known fact: I am also pretty much obsessed with Effie's Heart, and this style of dress. I have two of this cut, and they are the most comfortable and flattering dresses ever. They're perfect for those nights that you want to 1) look super cute and 2) devour half a side of beef. I ought to review them on my blog! In the meantime, please join me in drooling over the newest Guest of Honor dress.
This wicker purse would be super cute for a bride, right? Right?!? (In case you couldn't tell, I'm trying to rationalize my future purchase.)

My Backyard is Filled with Money Trees
The planets have aligned this week to render me utterly obsessed with this dress. First, I saw Bristol's post on her purple and sky blue Trashy Diva dress, and decided that it was the most perfect color combination in the history of the world. Then Miss Victory Violet posted photos of this Miss Candyfloss dress on Instagram. I've been fighting temptation ever since…
I am an avid cook, and the second I saw this Bernie Dexter dress, I fell in love with the print! It has ovens, stand mixers, and other kitchen-y goodness all over it, and a cute patent leather belt.


  1. I so want that Bernie dress too!!! I missed the Effie's Heart one online but totally love it! And arthritic knee? Oh nos!!!! XO

    1. A shirtwaist dress with a zipper instead of buttons is basically my dream come true! No chance of flashing the unsuspecting public? Sign me up! I think the Effie's Heart dress is coming soon. It hasn't shown up on their site yet, either. I definitely clicked on the 'notify me' link on Modcloth, though!

      Yeah, I basically have no cartilage in my left knee. Never keep running on a joint injury...

  2. That hair scarf is sooooo darn cute, wow!! You need that kitchen print dress, too! Especially since you love to cook! :) I'm so excited to receive mine.

    1. I love the print of that scarf! That Etsy seller has a ton of other cute stuff, too. I'll probably cave on the kitchen print dress -- it's just too perfect! I can't wait to see how you accessorize it, since you have the best eye for jewelry and so many amazing shoes!