Monday, February 1, 2016

One Skirt, Three Ways: Bernie Dexter BBQ Print Trixie

I tend to be a major creature of habit, and once I find an outfit that works, I wear it over and over. But this can get pretty boring, both for those who read this blog, and for me. To force myself to get over that tendency, I've decided to start a new series on the blog, which will feature three different ways of styling a single piece. For the first entry in "One ______, Three Ways," I'm featuring one of my absolute favorite articles of clothing: the Bernie Dexter Trixie skirt in BBQ.

First, a few words on fit and quality. This skirt runs true to the size chart, and seems quite sturdily made. It's a nice lightweight gathered cotton skirt that has a lovely, flattering shape all on its own. It's unlined, which makes it a good pic for hot summer days (which are in unfortunately short supply in Chicago in January, but I'm always thinking ahead!). My favorite thing about the skirt is the pattern: it has black BBQ tools against an orangey-red and white picnic-blanket, which makes it ideal for my wardrobe! I loved this print so much that I got it in dress form as well. Here's how I styled it:

L to R: comfort zone, wayyyy outside my routine, comfort zone 2.0

Outfit #1 
Ready for the world's fanciest BBQ

This, or some variation on 'black top, black tights, black bag," is the most muted of the three looks. The solid black background tones down the skirt a bit, which makes this look an excellent option for the novelty-print novice or recovering Cure fan. As both of these descriptions sort of describe me (I still love the Cure! I just don't feel the need to dress like Robert Smith any longer), this was the first outfit that came to mind when I got this skirt. But to make it a little more fun, I chose a sweater with pointelle  detailing on top, and wore it with my space shuttle earrings!
Sweater: H&M, last year
Belt: taken off a dress from Modcloth
Skirt: Bernie Dexter, also available here
Bag: Banana Republic, a while ago
Earrings: California Science Center gift shop!

Outfit #2

While my first instinct with a print in these colors is to reach for a black top, but as the point of this exercise is to expand my horizons and (hopefully) to offer up a few different ideas, I knew I couldn't stop there. For outfit #2, I went super bright!

Nothing like a selfie in the bathroom, using an ancient iPhone.

This is a very summery look, which makes it a great option if I'm planning to stay home inside my overheated apartment for the day. The yellow tank top with this BBQ-themed skirt makes me feel like a hotdog, in the best possible way. It's bright and sunny and cheerful, which means it's sort of a new look for me. I went for a slightly rockabilly vibe with my hair for this outfit, which was super fun. I'd also like to pair this skirt with a light mint top, though I don't have one at the moment.
Close-up of the brooch. I'm absolutely obsessed with her Etsy shop.
Top: Forever 21, ages ago (I'm so glad I didn't chuck it in the move!)
Earrings: Charming Charlie's
Sandals: Jcrew
Belt: ??? I've had it since college

These pics were taken on my brand-new tripod! I'd been making Jeff take all my pictures, which was becoming a bit of a burden, so I ordered a cheap tripod from Amazon and here's the result! My phone is too old to have a self-timer, so I'm using my (even older) digital camera until I sort this situation. Anyone have any recommendations for a good, reasonably-priced camera?

As you can see, I'm still working the kinks out on the tripod/self-timer situation, and have to figure out where I can take pictures without getting that horrible glare from my glasses. On the bright side, though, no Jeffs were inconvenienced in the taking of these photos!

Outfit #3

My third outfit represents another foray into the wide world of pattern-mixing! I've seen some great photos of this skirt styled with this top, and I love stripes, so I riffed on that theme! The stripes in this top are different widths, which I think is a super fun variation on the classic striped tee.
I am seriously just ecstatic about this outfit!

I'm developing a slight obsession with mint green (GASP! a pastel!), and think it looks great with red, so this belt had to make it into one of these outfits. Also surprising: I am wearing a (very low) heel!
Top: Banana Republic, last year
Belt: Amazon
Shoes: Franco Sarto, from Ross Dress for Less

I think this might actually be my favorite of the three looks! For me, the belt totally makes this outfit, and I love the stripes with the print and colors of the skirt. It would also look cute with a kelly green belt, or royal blue. I'm afraid that this might have used up my 'Trying New Things' reserves for the week, though I'll do my best to combat my love of the familiar.

How do you keep yourself from getting into wardrobe ruts? Asking for a friend...

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  1. I love the belt with that last look! The yellow one is my fave though. And, you're a Cure fan + a feminist! Wahoo, soul sister!!!!! This is such a classic Bernie print. I have it in the first style it came out in, but if I knew she'd be releasing it in the Paris or the skirt version that you have I would have waited as it's not my fave fit! You look awesome in all of these! XO

    1. Aw, thank you! I'm seriously obsessed with mint and aqua right now. The Paris is just a perfect dress, though I'd actually really like to try the one you have in this print -- it's the Suzie, right? Thicker straps are usually a better bet for me.

      You have great taste in bands and personal politics ;). I once made a list of the various eras in the soundtrack of my life, and at least a quarter of the entries on the list were Cure albums or songs.

  2. Yessss, the skirt looks great on you!! I had the skirt first, and then got the BBQ print dress, and had them both for awhile. I ended up selling the skirt. But, the print is just so wonderful, that there's nothing wrong with having both!

    1. Aw, thank you so much! I've been trying to wear more separates, since I have a bunch of shirts that were hardly getting any use! But yeah, I could not resist getting both. Your Bernie Dexter collection is just amazing, too!! Every time you post another one, I turn into that emoji with the heart eyes :).

  3. I love, love, LOVE the third styling!! I have a great camera and a tripod and I still can't get pictures that are usable. Maybe one weekend I can just sit and play with setting. My hubs and I have different schedules so I don't even have a "Jeff" to inconvenience lol :)

    1. Thank you!! I just adore stripes. What kind of camera do you have? Mine is a pretty old Canon Digital Elph, but it still does the job (sort of) and because I've had it for so long, I'm really used to it. I want a better camera! Honestly, my trick is just to make sure the lighting source is always in front of me. It's hard because my apartment isn't as bright as my old apartment, but if I go outside, it usually works. Jeff probably wishes he was at work whenever I ask him to take photos, hehe.

  4. I looooove my camera. I have a Samsung Galaxy2 16MP 21x Zoom Digital Camera - which I bought off of QVC. Was able to purchase it in "six easy payments" lol. With the exception of learning how to use it properly for pictures of's is FANTASTIC. I "think" I know the settings and I pretend that I know what I'm doing - the result is blurry pictures sometimes. Womp womp! But it's an amazing little piece of technology. I've convinced two other people to buy it. If you go on my IG....the pics of the moon are from my about AMAZING!!! Maybe this weekend I'll test the camera on outfits.

    1. Wow, I can't believe you took that shot of the moon -- it's like something you'd see on NASA's IG! I'll check out that camera once I finally decide to spring for a new one… Can't wait to see how it does with outfit pics!

  5. I'm sure it does an amazing job....I just haven't had time to sit and figure it out! :)