Monday, May 2, 2016

#AllDressApril Outfits and My #WeekWithBernie

I haven't worn pants in over a year. To some, that might sound unusual or challenging, but at this point, my wardrobe is 90% dresses and skirts, so it wasn't actually difficult to come up with a month of dresses for All Dress April. A few of my Instagram/Facebook friends were participating in the event, so I decided to join in. For me, 'joining in' just meant using the hashtag when posting photos of outfits I was already planning to wear ;).

Anyway, I had a blast participating in this challenge! It was so much fun to see what the other participants were wearing, and to virtually 'twin' with people, or plan to wear the same outfit. I only repeated one dress, because I'd worn it early in the month but when a group of ladies decided to do a week of Bernie Dexter twinning days, I wanted to participate!

Here's my month of dresses (…ok, and a few skirts). I'm really glad that I can dress pretty casually at my new job, since I don't feel like making room in my wardrobe for business casual.

The most exciting part of All Dress April was definitely the week of Bernie Dexter twinning! Some of the ladies in this Bernie Dexter Facebook group I'm in really went above and beyond to coordinate the twin days, make themed threads for people to post their outfits for each day, and make collages. Everyone put their own spin on the dress(es) of the day, and it gave me lots of ideas for how I'll wear some of these dresses in the future.

Here are just a few photos from our #weekwithBernie:
I love this print! I finally found one secondhand, but it didn't arrive until after the twin day. Left to right: @missbunnymoore, @amandaplease, Teri, @britneecoomer (our fearless planner/leader in this event!), @theprinteddress
Left to right: Teri, Kimberly, Debbie, and @missbunnymoore
I'm finally sold on this dress! Now I need to find it…
Left to right: @amandaplease, @lydiaharbutz
Left to Right: @brittneecoomer, @missbunnymoore, Lisa
Full disclosure: I can't take credit for this wonderful collage. It was made by @amandaplease, one of the most positive, kind, gorgeous ladies I've 'met' through the pinup/retro community. Thanks, Amanda! You are the best!
Left to right: @care.zee, me, @amandaplease, @k_lemasson

Bonus twin photo! Monica is one of the sweetest ladies on IG, has a killer wardrobe, is super gorgeous, and takes the best twirling photos I've ever seen. Of course, we twirled in our twinning pics, and of course, I am but a padawan compared to her complete mastery of the art of the twirl.

Which of these April looks do you like the best? More importantly, did anyone else see last night's Game of Thrones?!? I am seriously still slack-jawed over it! No spoilers in the comments if you have, please, but what did you think?!?

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