Tuesday, November 22, 2016

6 Reasons to Love the Wiggle Dress

Wiggle Week is off to a great start: I've worn some of my favorite non-cupcakey dresses and have many more to go! It's been so wonderful to see so many gorgeous ladies rocking their wiggles and sharing words of wisdom on Instagram and Facebook. I've said before that immersing myself in a body-positive community has helped me on my own body-acceptance journey, and seeing everyone in their wiggles really drives home the message that all bodies are perfect just the way they are.

Today, I wanted to share my top six favorite things about wiggle dresses. If any of you still aren't persuaded that you need a little wiggle in your life, I humbly present the following list of reasons to Stop Worrying and Love the Wiggle:

1) They're tailor-made for those 'if you got it, flaunt it' days!

deadly dames leopard vamp
This is pretty self-explanatory. There's a very good reason for the expression "put a little wiggle in your walk!"

2) They're easy to style for chilly days.

Have you ever tried to wear a long, cozy sweater over a swing skirt? Or zip your inside-the-office fleece whilst wearing a giant petticoat? (Am I the only one who has a dedicated Office Fleece for combating the subzero temperatures at work?) If you can make either of these things work, you're miles ahead of me. Seriously, I've spent ages trying to figure out how to stay warm inside without wearing my winter coat all day long, and passed on so many cozy sweaters because they'd look ridiculous over my full-monty skirt-and-petticoat routine. The wiggle, by contrast, poses no such challenge to layering. Cardigans of all lengths look amazing over a wiggle, scarves look chic instead of haphazard, and for those especially chilly days, you can do the perfect one-two punch of a cardigan and blazer!

3) Unlike a swing skirt, they'll never betray you on a windy day.

I have honestly lost count of the number of times I've flashed downtown Chicago on my way to work, just because the Windy City decided to live up to its name. (Yes, I know that's not actually why it's called the Windy City, but I've got a point to make here!) Circle skirts will fly up above your head at the drop of a hat, but a wiggle will never let you down!

4) Wiggles do double duty.

You should see the outtakes.

By now we've all probably heard of the life-changing wardrobe hack that is wearing a dress as a skirt.  This is (in my experience) almost impossible to do with a wiggle. However, wiggles have their own awesome life hack: they can be worn under a swing skirt as a top, or (in the case of a long-sleeved wiggle) under a sleeveless dress! I especially like this second idea as a way to wear my summer dresses all year round. Just add a long-sleeved wiggle and bam: instant winterization! On the very coldest days, I'm thankful for the insulation of a petticoat and gathered/circle skirt, but to really retain that body heat, you'd better believe that I'll be wearing a body con/wiggle dress under all my fluff. Try it. Your thighs will thank you for averting frostbite.

5) Wiggles take up less of your valuable closet real estate.

My closet: "I couldn't eat another bite…"

This one is pretty obvious: a dress with a fuller skirt has more material, so it takes up more space in your closet. Wiggles lay flat, meaning you can cram more of them in!

6) Wiggles are comfortable!

This dress was perfect for a truly gut-busting meal.

Many of the my wiggles/bodycon dresses are stretchy, and as I'm sure you know, stretchy fabrics = comfy fabrics! Fabrics with stretch also define your waist in a belt-optional way, which is ideal for a day of Serious Eating. (This is why I intend to wear one of my wiggles on Thanksgiving! What better way to show off the food-baby I'll spend all day preparing for?)

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  1. You make a lot of good points here, the best one being that they take up less closet space, haha! And you definitely know how to rock a wiggle!

    1. When there are so many pretty dresses out there in the world, it's crucial to save closet space! And thank you <3!

  2. Ahahaha dying at the "wafer thin" Monty Python reference!

    1. :) I was afraid nobody would know why I'd written that on the photo!

  3. That is some serious wind in pic #3! All good points and good reasons to how to stop worrying and love the wiggle! ;)

    1. That kind of wind is a regular occurrence here in Chicago, sadly! I have so many outtakes just like that one. It's usually funny, except when I cannot get a decent, non windy photo!

  4. Ha, so true on all of the points...especially the wind + closet space ones!!! Great compilation!!! XOXOXOX