Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Festive Tiki

Today, I'm delighted to answer the age-old question nobody's been asking: Emily, how do I Christmas-ify a tiki print?

Disney Enchanted Tiki Room dress

When this Disney Dress Shop frock started popping up all over my social media feeds, I instantly fell in love. It's green and the print is super colorful, so how could I not love it? But now that I live in the Midwest, I resigned myself to loving it from afar. Life is full of adversity, after all.

BUT! A friend of mine happened to be at Disneyland right after the Dress Shop restocked this style, and she grabbed one and mailed it to me! There was immense rejoicing and several attempts to zip it up even though I was almost nine months pregnant at the time.

Disney Enchanted Tiki Room dress review

Now that I'm more or less back to my usual size, I'm happy to report that this dress is everything I'd hoped it would be. It's comfy, extremely well made, and just as bright and lovely in person as it was in everybody's photographs. Bonus: the neckline is high enough that I'll be able to wear it to work!

Since it's almost December in Chicago, I'll be wearing it with cardigans and tights or leggings for the next five months or so. And since 'almost December' is not-so-secret code for 'bust out all the holiday outfits ever,' I couldn't resist wearing my lovely green dress with a red sweater, neutral cream leggings, and boots. Since it's a tiki-room-themed print with a bit of red in it, it almost looks like I'm simply wearing a cardigan that pulls out an accent color from the dress, rather than intentionally and unabashedly dressing like an escapee from Santa's workshop! (Not that there's anything wrong with that...)

Disney Enchanted Tiki Room dress shop

In addition to this festive Tiki Room ensemble, I'm looking forward to busting out my favorite tartan skirt, putting subtle Christmassy twists on my solid red dresses by adding a green belt, and wearing red belts with absolutely everything else! Do you dress in festive gear during December? What's your go-to look?

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  1. Umm I love the idea of Christmas tiki! Great idea! You really do look amazing - so lovely to see you blogging again!!!

  2. Tiki is totally appropriate year round, in my book! ;) I love how colorful this dress is, and it looks great on you!
    The red cardi is the perfect Christmasy touch!

  3. Just a quick question: if you purchased small or medium, would you mind saying what clothing size you think they correspond to? I've read the measurements and I'm trying to see what size is a reasonable fit for me.