Saturday, June 18, 2016

Review: Hearts and Found

At this point, it's no surprise that I'm a sucker for anything fruit print or gingham. So you can imagine my reaction when I discovered that Hearts and Found, a Vietnamese made-to-order clothier and textile seller, had gingham fabric with strawberries on it. (If you can't imagine my reaction, let me give you a hint: a sharp intake of breath followed by incoherent loudness.)

I'd read an extremely positive review of Hearts and Found on Pinup Persuasion, so about a month ago, I felt ready to take the plunge. I'd heard that it was super easy to set up a custom order, so I messaged Marjorie and got the ball rolling on a strawberry-gingham gathered skirt. I wanted it made to my exact waist measurement (done) in a custom fabric (done) and a 24" length (done), and while I was at it, how about throwing in a cute nautical skirt, also with a custom waist measurement? No problem! I paid, trying not to have a small heart attack over the price of international shipping (which really wasn't that bad: $20 for two skirts!), and settled in to wait.
When the skirts arrived, I was so excited, and couldn't wait to tear into the package and see how they looked in real life. The packaging was super cute, but the aforementioned impatience made it impossible for me to stop, locate my phone, and snap a photo.

Anyway. The skirts came out absolutely gorgeous, and I was quite impressed by the construction and attention to detail. Both skirts are lined, which is pretty amazing considering that the entire order came to around $110, and have lovely deep pockets that are easy to find despite how full these skirts are! There were no loose threads and the seams are all nice and straight. Best of all, she was able to preserve all of the gorgeous nautical print details, even though I ordered a skirt 4" shorter than the sample! Since the teal at the waistband was one of my favorite parts of that skirt, I was happily surprised that it worked so well in a petite length!

I'm not wearing a petticoat with either of these skirts, since I'm planning to wear them on hot summer days, and I think they still look fabulous. My petticoats do fit nicely under both skirts, though. The fabric is a nice soft 100% cotton, and these skirts are machine washable (which is pretty much the best thing ever!)

While these skirts both have a lot going on, color- and print-wise, I found it super easy to style them. For the strawberry gingham number, I decided to pull out the green from the skirt with an olive top, and went a little over the top with my new Atomic Lucite bangles and a bunch of jelly bracelets that I wore day in and day out back in high school. Since I'm a firm believer in "ain't no kill like overkill," I reprised the strawberry theme with my beloved earrings from Japan. I love this skirt, and really like how it looks with these colors, so much so that I've got one of these photos saved in an album on my phone called "panic outfits" (for those days when I have zero idea of what to wear!)
I'm always happy to bust out my strawberry earrings!
My attempt to look glamorous landed somewhere between 'confused' and 'about to pass out.' Better luck next time!
These sparkly bangles reminded me of how much I love bracelets. How on earth did I ever forget?
This pose is called the Flail of Intense Excitement.
Skirt: Hearts and Found (now available as a regular item!)
Shoes: Gap
Belt: a no-name Amazon find
Bangles: Atomic Lucite

The nautical skirt was even easier to style: I doubled down on the nautical theme with a striped top and threw on my only turquoise brooch. (This should explain what is otherwise an inexplicable decision to wear a dinosaur with a head-to-toe nautical outfit. Note to self: order an anchor brooch!)
Headcanon: Disney Princess Pose. Reality: goofy/happy pose.
This was an attempt to show that I matched my earrings to my skirt.
Top: H+M
Brooch and earrings: Atomic Lucite
Shoes: Steve Madden

Overall, I was super happy with my first Hearts and Found experience! It was so easy to work out my custom order and Marjorie responded to all my messages super quickly. The shipping was much quicker than I expected (it only took about two and a half weeks once I placed my order), and the skirts are absolutely lovely. I'm eyeing up my next purchase already!

What are your favorite Etsy shops?

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  1. Cute skirts, and a good price! You definitely do need some kind of nautical brooch! :) But, the dino is still an adorable option.

    1. This outfit makes me wish I'd gone for the Erstwilder ship in a bottle brooch!

  2. lol I love that you have a "Panic" folder for outfits....I adore you <3

  3. I have yet to order from them! Good to hear about a good experience!!!! The nautical one is my fave! XO

  4. I'm so happy you reviewed these! I'm planning on ordered a dress and 2 skirts.

    1. Oooh, which ones are you planning to get?

  5. I love Hearts and Found! I ordered my first dress a few months ago and can't wait to get more! Those skirts are absolutely adorable!

    xo, Helene